City VS provincial village, where is it better to live?

by fashionsnobber

City VS provincial village. When I am there I would like to escape, when I am not there I would like to return. My life divided between the city (Milan) and the provincial village (the Tuscan countryside between Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci) has always done more or less like this. Ups and downs where I basically can’t decide where it is actually best to live. So today I thought about writing 10 reasons why I think it is better to live in the city rather than in a provincial village and vice versa.

City VS provincial village: 10 reasons why it is better to live in one place rather than the other

City VS provincial village: 10 reasons why it is better to live in one place rather than in the other.

10 reasons why it is better to live in a city

  1. There is everything, everything is found. Including Pokémon.
  2. Your private life is private. Getting to know everyone and everyone who knows you is complicated.
  3. Go-go entertainment, events and distractions.
  4. Home deliveries arrive everywhere.
  5. No heels dirty with dirt because it sinks into the mud as you get to the car.
  6. If you’re not married yet or have no children at 30 and up, you’re completely normal.
  7. More job and career opportunities.
  8. Exit without taking the car.
  9. Being able to dress even on Tuesday morning with a suit and heels without being considered out of place.
  10. Better education and courses for all kinds of passion.

10 reasons why it is better to live in a provincial village

  1. The sound of nature as the soundtrack of the day.
  2. You can see the stars all year except when it is cloudy or raining.
  3. Very few street vendors.
  4. No need to leave 2 hours early to travel 5 km. It takes 15 minutes and you can get anywhere.
  5. Peace, serenity, relaxation and all the time to be with yourself.
  6. Generally less crime.
  7. Everyone knows you and helps you if you need (from my point of view to meddle with your business but let’s find the bright side).
  8. A subjunctive can be wrong and nobody notices it.
  9. Zero smog. Hair and shirt necks remain clean for at least 3 days.
  10. The days last for centuries and in one day you can do all the things that are done in the city in a week.

Having said that, what do you think? City VS provincial village, where is it better to live? What could we give up more easily? I think I would opt for cities with the possibility of a village whenever the need is felt. Or maybe not? I remain stuck at 50 and 50, unfortunately I know that I will never find my definitive answer.

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Fashionably Idu 16.09.2017 - 18:12

I feel like there are benefits to both just like you stated. I’ve been living in a suburb and would love to move to a city.


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