Fashion Snobber: story of a nickname from the snob mask

by fashionsnobber

I want to tell you a story. My. That of Contessa Luna, Mummy Snob and Fashion Snobber. The years between 2007 and 2009 were around. Yes, when I was still young. I was messing around. I was a party animal and I had no children to appease my adolescent selfishness of “I only exist and I think only of myself“.

But first I want to clarify the fact that I don’t see myself from outside (apart from in front of a mirror) so I don’t know how others perceive me. I tend to feel totally the opposite but, at this point, my image may be out of place.

Countess Luna

In seeing me walk down the street without knowing anyone, someone started to give me the nickname “Countess Luna“. Already. It seems to have this air of countess, haughty and snob. Tremendously snobbish. And to think that instead I see myself as an ungainly elephant, I talk like a stevedore and I always smile to defuse the countless fools often caused by my carelessness. There is something wrong.
It is also true that I am shamelessly bitchy. Especially if you want to put your feet on my head making me pass like a fessa and more often than not it ends up fucking you, but with class, education and respect. Which is worse. I don’t fall into the pitfalls of gossips, they are not part of me and I don’t even calculate them. I have a functioning brain still able to make me think and evaluate for myself, often wrong but I do it myself, thank you. A snobbish bitch would probably wear me better.
I remember that I started to call myself Contessa Luna everywhere, everywhere and persistently in the presence of these people. Their expression when they understood the concept of teasing them was unforgettable.

A Mummy snob

Then, over time, something changed, I grew up maybe and I inevitably evolved following the changes in my life. In September 2011, with the arrival of Splash of Sun, from Countess Luna I transformed myself into a Mummy Snob by throwing myself online with a blog of the same name. A Mummy Snob has been with me for just over three years. Until March 13, 2015 when I finally decided where I wanted to go. In Fashion Snob(ber) there is everything. Among the play on words to a more hidden meaning. Everyone can interpret it as they see fit without limitations and find themselves facing the part of me they prefer or want to stimulate.

When a nickname becomes the avatar of ourselves

Beginning to play with the first nickname affibbiatomi I did not realize how slowly that snob personality has become an excellent mask for those people I didn’t want between the feet.
All now start from that belief. I snub at all and everyone. I don’t care about the world and I don’t need anyone.
I’m the one who wants to make you believe this. I protect myself and protect those who do not convince me. From whom my instinct puts me on the defensive. And I assure you, I haven’t had any more box breaks from anyone.
On the other hand, however, those who have been able to go further, perceive the truth and perhaps insist on the right point have achieved much more. He saw something else and in those cases I just earned it.
Why all this talk?
Because in many, perhaps most of us here on the web, we have a nickname, an alias, an avatar, let’s call it what we prefer, that maybe is an alter ego of how we would like to be or how we would like people to see and perceive us. And it is not bad, perhaps, depending on the cases and the course of its development and evolution. Nevertheless, it is born of something in our lives, a part of ourselves and of our character. It is up to us to decide whether to use it to hide or enhance a nuance. We need to be very careful to ensure that we do not get the upper hand to the point where we no longer understand who we really are. It is a double-edged sword and should be used with caution.

Fashion Snobber: story of a nickname with a snob expression

Fashion Snob(ber).

My alter ego was born from what must have been a mockery of me for an innate snobbish expression. I made it mine and now it is a complete half of me that helps keep me away from those who do not convince me and I do not trust, setting them aside when and with whom I want. For me it was a godsend.
It hides that insecurity that I have always had, prevents the constant blows of those who trusted a priori everything and everyone, hides that goodness of mind that resulted in taking advantage of me for any favor, but that, if I am in the role of Snob (ber) I can’t afford it.
It helped me to give me more strength, courage and cunning at times. Served more for protection than anything else. Protection towards myself.
But be careful. Do not misinterpret the meaning of these words because any side or personality of mine is always sincere. Without filters. Let’s say that, like everyone else, I change with the mood or depending on the weather but basically there is only one thing that will always remain and will never change.

“I am highly unsociable and tremendously sociable. For this I listen to everyone but I speak with few.”

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