Covering foundation, liquid, powder, which to choose?

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Shade, type, method of application, knowing how to choose the perfect foundation is really a difficult undertaking. Making a mistake in choosing the color, we seem ridiculous. If we have oily skin and choose one that does not dull it we can reflect the light so much that it blinds someone on the street. If we have dry skin and choose one that opacifies, then we will have difficulty moving the muscles of the face because the mummy effect will be ready around the corner. Choosing the right covering foundation, or not, is therefore fundamental. Let’s find out how to do it together.

“Covering foundation or …?” The guide to choosing the perfect foundation!

How to understand which one to choose between covering foundation, liquid or powder.

This little make-up product is the basis of every make-up. It serves to uniform and illuminate the complexion, hide facial defects and emphasize its strengths. To obtain the best effect, it is equally important to understand how to apply the foundation correctly, so as to have a more eye-catching and inquiring eye test result. Tip before continuing: take a look at the Vichy covering foundations that are safe even on the most sensitive skin. Seeing is believing.

To choose the perfect foundation you must first know your skin

The perfect foundation is chosen based on the color of the complexion, the undertone of the skin and the dermotype. Even if we wanted to create a simple and fast makeup in 6 steps, it remains the most important product on which errors are not allowed. Before finding out if a covering foundation is better for you, rather than a liquid or powder one, let’s proceed with order.

How to choose the foundation color

Choosing the covering foundation or not that is based on the color of the complexion and the undertone of the skin means trying and testing until the right color is found. To do this, take a part of the body that is not easily exposed to the sun, such as the inside of the wrist or the side of the neck, and apply a little product. If you don’t notice a difference between the color of the skin and the foundation, or if the latter is only slightly lighter than your skin, then you have found the perfect shade!
Always remember to take a foundation that is lighter and never darker than your complexion. Otherwise, you risk creating detachments of color that are quite embarrassing to see.
Extra little tip: also evaluate the undertone of the skin. If it is cold (usually you have purple / bluish veins) then the right foundation is on pink tones. If it is neutral (usually you have light blue veins) then it is better to opt for light brown tones like beige. Finally, if the undertone is warm (usually there are veins tending to green) then the best color is the one in shades of golden and orange.

Which type of foundation to choose

How to choose the perfect foundation.

To choose the type of foundation that best suits you, you need to consider the type of skin you have. Liquid or powder foundations have different effects and consequently changes the way they are applied.
If you have dry or prone to dry skin, it is better to focus on liquid solutions enriched with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients. On the other hand, if you have oily skin and large imperfections to cover, then you must opt ​​for a creamy or stick product so as to have a covering foundation with a matting effect. While, in the case of oily skin but without large imperfections, you can also safely bet on a powder foundation, better if enriched with minerals for an anti-shine effect. And how do they wear it? The liquid one just tap it with your fingers; you can put the powder one with a wet sponge or with a wide bristle brush; finally, the stick one should be applied directly to the skin and spread with your fingers or with a flat brush.

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