Dandelion flower in fashion

by fashionsnobber

Dandelion flower, is one of my favorite flowers. It’s part of my tattoo and who knows me knows how much a subject I can not resist. That’s why I decided today to talk and make it the protagonist of a post.

The Dandelion flower

This type of perennial plant grows spontaneously in plain areas preferring temperate climates. Blooms in the spring until the fall and is characterized by a yellow flower and its dry fruit with tufts of white hair that when removed from the peel it facilitates the scattering of the seed. It has depurable and anti-inflammatory properties, in fact it is an excellent ally in the treatment of liver-related diseases. Used both in the kitchen and as a herb. Great in salad and as herbal tea, without forgetting that with its toasted roots comes a surrogate tastes of coffee similar to barley.

Symbolism and traditions of Dandelion

Surely it is the flower to which many names have been attributed to everyone. From Dandelion Officer to Swallow, “Piscialletto”, Cicoria Matte, Devil’s Polenta, “Ingrassaporci”, Sunflower of the Meadows and apparently who is the most inventive of them. Whatever the name you distinguish it, however, remains a symbol of hope and trust. Indeed, since ancient times, rural people were usually used to express a desire blowing on the seeds of the plant. If, with just one breath, all the seeds fell, the desire would become reality.

“Close your eyes, express a desire and blush. Now re-open and smile. It’s already in the air… “

I presented it to my son so, with the same words as he was presented to me as a child.
A game I hope never forget.
A game that is simple, common and known by the whole world.
It’s the nicest game for kids and the best memory of the big ones. Not to forget to dream and to continue to hope.
Only once I did not want them to drop all the seeds, but I kept them in a bowl waiting for them to come…

Semi di Tarassaco o Dente di Leone in bottiglia - Dandelion seeds in bottle.

Dandelion in fashion

The fruit and seeds of the Dandelion are surely the most fascinating part of it, and over the years they have also been interpreted as fantasy on various fashion heads. From dresses to accessories, faithful or stylized reproductions I think I can marry perfectly with different tastes and styles. Below I leave you a few examples before you go out into the garden to express a bit of wishes. You’ll never know sooner or later. Infusion is said to be enough to believe no? ;*

Miu Miu dandelion dress.

Abito a fantasia Tarassaco o Dente di leone - Dandelion pattern dress.

Abito fantasia Tarassaco o Dente di Leone - Dandelion dress.

Michael Kors dandelion midi skirt.

Valentino dandelion dress.

Elie Saab dandelion dress.

Alexander McQueen dandelion dress.

Kenzo dandelion dress.

Credits: Images by Pinterest in “Dandelions” board.

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