The days off one any blogger

by fashionsnobber

The days off have them all blogger. Then as days become longer or shorter periods. And I’m always here I open the blog and I do not feel like doing anything.

The days off one any blogger

There are days off when I would not want to close everything. Disable accounts and greetings.
There are days when demoralized me and I think that after all that I speak, write or photographer does not interest anyone. Or at least does not make a difference to anyone.
There are days off in which bothers me the people I read, criticize me behind (sorry, but at least I do it openly) and copy my ideas in their social profiles pseudo inviolable thinking I did not come to know.
There are days when I have absolutely no desire to take photographs. Because in the sad days you do not make pictures.
There are days off in which the requirement to register on social weighs on me. Are reserved and find something to share it finds it hard. Maybe I opened a blog to cure this characteristic of mine.
There are days when despite having several people who follow me can not the same feeling alone.
There are days off in which I would like to delete everything. Say hello definitely Contessa Luna, Una Mamma Snob and Fashion Snobber. Whatever the one to which you have devoted. If you’re fond of course.

There are days off that can become days on

But there are days off that thanks to email or the comments I receive below become days on.
Days when words like that warm my heart:
I adore the style of your life.
Thanks to you that bring up the fragments of your life as in my treasures.
Or when I am contacted for recommendations. From what to wear to how to match in a given situation. Rather than on the value together if a designer garment received as a gift it is original or not.
And I also love when you write to me asking advice in the field nerd. The behind the scenes of a short blog.
Here, after all this makes me go on caring for days off.

Caring of days off to return to the days on

Caring about those bad people who remain anonymous spectators of our lives and not their protagonists.
Caring about those people who have nothing better to do than spy on us and our simple thoughts trying to get them bitterly them.
Caring about those people who, despite everything, make us feel important and make more and more realize that no one like us.
Not caring if we did not want because we owe it to those who understand that there is always, and, perhaps, in us really believes.

The days on of a bloggers are people to thank constantly

Because people do not like to call yourself followers or readers.
People who even when latitiamo no shortage of passing to see if we have published or not and still leave us a greeting.
People who accept our every point of view even when it is opposed to them and do not change the mutual esteem.
People with whom you exchange views and help us improve. Because we can all improve. Nobody’s perfect.
Some people do not even meet the ever and will always remain words on a monitor. No less important or far from our minds.
For example, they often, in real life, to come across something that some of you have told me, and so come to mind and you think.

So, these days off where I do not want to think about the blog thank those who, unconsciously, giving me a smile so :), or  a kiss so :*, or a like, retweet, or a simple comment came from the heart, I It brings back the urge to share everything with you.
I do not think I have a special life, much less important, but know that someone appreciates the way I see the world, to interpret and sometimes try to change it enough for me to not want to leave and go back into anonymity.
And still snatch a smile will always remain my personal source of happiness. Even today that the smiles I have not for you it for me.
But thanks. Thank you for being here.
Because each of you is important. <3

I giorni no di una blogger qualunque - The days off one any blogger.

I giorni no di una fashion snobber - The days off one fashion snobber.

Sorridi sempre - Always smile.

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Fashionably Idu 08.02.2017 - 19:19

II definitely do have days like that too. I’m pretty sure we all do. And then we hang in there and the feeling passes. Lovely shots Luna.


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