How to decorate a home with fresh flowers in pot

by fashionsnobber

If there is one thing that must never miss in my home are the flowers. True, fake, drawn, does not matter but there must be. They give the environment a touch of elegance and fresh smell. That’s why today I thought to give you some flower design advice on how to decorate a home with flowers trying to keep the fresh ones as long as possible.

Come arredare casa con i fiori freschi - How to decorate a home with fresh flowers.

5 tips on fresh flowers in pot at time trial

The most beautiful bouquets, synonymous with elegance and sophistication, always remain those with bouquets of very fresh flowers of the same species and monochromatic. You can also mix different types in multiple colors provided similar types. However, I recommend that you limit yourself to two colors to avoid getting too chaotic. But how to keep them in a beautiful and healthy pot as long as possible? Following these easy tips I managed to keep bouquets of roses and tulips over a week. Daisies and gerberas even more.

1. Select only the flowers that are still closed to the bud. In this way there will be all the time for them to open and we will not miss a moment of their flowering.

2. Fill the jar with water at room temperature.

3. Cut the stem of the bible flowers without forgetting to do so under running water.

4. Remove any leaves in the vase below the water level.

5. Add some small drops of bleach to the water in the vase to avoid bacterial formation or, alternatively, special nourishment that is often sold together with the bouquets.

Obviously just the floral composition begins to bark and bust it without guilt. Switching from chic to shabby is a moment.

How to decorate with flowers every home environment

Not all flower types fit perfectly with every room and decor. It is good to know at least large lines such as flower and where. Whether in cylinder bouquets or a single flower in a series of identical pots, we must first choose them to resume the style and colors of our homes. So how to position them in strategic points. Usually near a source of light and in that area where we want to attract attention. As a skirt or centerpiece is the choice for us. In the kitchen there are tulips and lilies, fat plants and mixed bouquets (but not too much). In the living room and bedroom perfect the roses, while in the bathroom orchids and lavender are the top of the tops. To be honest I plug tulips, roses and lavender a bit everywhere but having a shabby chic home I do not think so much stunno from room to room. And you instead? How do you prefer home furnishing with flowers?

Come arredare casa con i fiori freschi - How to decorate a home with fresh flowers.

Come arredare casa con i fiori freschi - How to decorate a home with fresh flowers.

Come arredare casa con i fiori freschi - How to decorate a home with fresh flowers.

In a house without flowers there is no life, there is no color. I would rather have roses on my table than diamonds around my neck.
(Emma Goldman)

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