Outfit: how to wear a bon ton style denim skirt

by fashionsnobber

Today I am in the role of a teacher. A rather particular teacher who thought to advise how to wear a denim skirt illustrating a pseudo-mathematical equation based on blogging and fashion. In many cases it is also the only algebraic operation understandable by a fashion blogger. Or maybe not? ;P

The Chanel equation

1 + 1 = 2 we take it for sure based on a school habit that we dare not contradict. But, in any case, someone in daily life 1 + 1 always makes it equal to 1. Because in this world there is a habit of bypassing anyone thinking only of themselves making a good face at a bad game. This hypothetical 2 therefore becomes a real question mark unacceptable for such subjects. Thus was born the Chanel equation I invented to make people understand what really moves the spirit of blogging for some people.
Follow my reasoning represented on the blackboard with metaphorical symbols.
Having, opening and managing a blog is in Chanel (I took one of the most coveted brands as an example but it can basically be replaced with any other), as the money you propose to earn with your blog is the most coveted object of this brand. That is, the 2.55 bag (always as an example that can be replaced according to your tastes).

Equazione Chanel.

Moral of the Chanel equation

A blog is opened simply to make it become the main source of income in order to reach the set goal without seeing anything else and losing any value. A blog can become a job. We would miss it and not be so welcome. But as a teacher, break bales in a denim skirt today I point out that this must not become the only valid reason to push our choices. Over time there is the risk of becoming real monsters obsessed with exaggerated careerism that only leads to dismiss, and consequently lose, not only readers with a brain who cares about numbers or our visit born for a profit but also to make scorched earth around us. Of course, we will have our 2.55 of dreams. A nice milestone. But no esteem, true friendship or solid contact built and maintained over time. Will we follow the wind without consistency and once all this falsehood and hypocrisy sown has come to light, where will we end up? Ever wondered?
I understand this twisted tour of notions is difficult to understand. Accept and above all examine conscientiously but, as usual no problem, much is known. I write to reach 300 words without having to communicate something. I shoot random thoughts, I do not give sticks on the hands but at the most I pull the blackboard directly in the face. What are we talking about? You’re welcome. Fried air and time to time. 1 + 1 is 1 don’t worry, the world goes like this and I’m just the donkey of the situation with the only difference of not having the slightest intention of adapting to the flock always making outfits that are anything but fashion.

Outfit: how to wear a denim skirt

For my dress as a schoolgirl, with a haughty attitude convinced of her equation, I thought of showing how to wear a denim skirt. Very versatile item of clothing that lends itself perfectly to any style. So no limitation of pairing as long as you always keep a minimum of good taste. In this case, worn together with a shirt with ruffles, a trend of the moment presented everywhere, how and why, it immediately becomes bon ton and romantic. Small advice, for those who have an important line like my advice not to overdo the size of the ruffles present in the clothes.Denim skirt outfit.

Asos pink shirt with ruffles, Miss Sixty denim skirt, Melissa perfumed shoes with flowers on the heel and Carrera pink eyeglasses.

Come indossare una gonna di jeans in stile bon ton.

I hope I made you smile again today with my pindaric flights of various reasons and I will wait for you at the next outfit.

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Gemma 17.05.2016 - 23:13

Beautiful post and outfit. I love the shirt and skirt so much. Gemma x


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