DIY: how to make a Christmas tree dress

by fashionsnobber

Tradition requires making the Christmas tree on December 8th when the Immaculate Conception is celebrated. There are those who do not resist and decorate it at the end of November to enjoy it more and those who impatiently cannot wait and give in early December (usually me). This year I started to work a bit earlier with various tests to avoid running into some last-minute inconvenience and not getting the desired result. Finally, what I never thought I could do is ready. A perfect Christmas tree dress for my studio and entirely Fashion Snobber theme.

Tutorial DIY: how to make a Christmas tree dress

Abito albero di Natale - Christmas tree dress.

Need for Christmas tree dress:

  • Mannequin
  • Remnant of cloth
  • Semi-rigid tulle skirt for the base or alternatively a metal mesh
  • 4 White Christmas wreaths
  • 1 Green Christmas wreath
  • Thread of white lights
  • Thread of colored lights
  • Black boa
  • Vintage necklace

To make the Christmas tree dress I started by modeling the fabric on the mannequin trying to give it a classic sheath shape with a boat neckline for the upper part of the dress. Then I found from Ikea a tulle skirt for girls with a semi rigid wheel that I used as a support base. Alternatively you can use one of those semi-rigid metal nets sold in hardware and use it to create the base of the skirt. On it I intersected with each other 4 white Christmas wreaths plus a green lightly sprayed white with a spray can. I walked around the top of the skirt with a row of white lights. With the colored lights instead only the green part. As a final touch, I used a black boa to create the bow effect on the side of the skirt and a vintage necklace around the mannequin’s neck.

Fashion Snobber Christmas tree

Obviously I’m not that brilliant. The idea of a Christmas tree dress was born from some realization seen on the net and was able to take shape thanks to TheColorSoup that realized the personalized fabric with my logo. In the end, contrary to what I thought, it was not at all difficult to create it. I must say though that in the picture it makes a lot less. From the truth it is wider and the lights on make more shape and atmosphere. All in all I consider myself satisfied with my abilities. It is original, personal and I don’t think I will take it down immediately after Christmas.

Fashion Christmas tree.

Fashion skirt Christmas tree.

Dettagli abito albero di Natale.

Of course I will also do the classic tree but you will see that later. Meanwhile, tell me, what do you think of the Fashion Snobber Christmas tree dress? Do you like the result? Be magnanimous because I have done everything, I and manual work are two things far away.

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Caroline 17.12.2015 - 19:57

Nice Christmas tree :-) Caro

Caramella 10.12.2015 - 22:06

Beautiful idea!! Originalissima e chiccissima!


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