Dream trips: the 5 most exclusive islands

by fashionsnobber

Let’s be honest, who has never wished to leave for one of the most exclusive islands in the world? One of those dream trips, not really for everyone, but that at least once in a lifetime it would be nice to be able to do. Recently it has often happened to me to think about it, the summer season is approaching and the desire for the sea increases. Thus the idea for this post was born. Curious? Let’s discover them together and let’s go.

Dream trips: the 5 most luxury and exclusive islands in the world

As always in alphabetical order to do no harm to anyone. You never know they are offended.

Bora Bora

Most exclusive islands: Polinesia, Bora Bora.

Pacific Ocean, Polynesia, Leeward Islands and here it is, one of the 5 most exclusive islands in the world, Bora Bora. Because of its rare beauty it is called the “Pearl of the Pacific” and is famous as a tropical paradise where you can immerse yourself in coral reefs and turquoise waters. To spend a single night you need at least 600 euros but also just to experience the feeling of sleeping in a hut built on stilts suspended on the water is worth it.

Cousin Island

Seychelles, Isola di Cousin.

Indian Ocean, Seychelles, the Isle of Cousin is the most desired destination. A small protected and uncontaminated natural paradise where there is only one luxury resort with a minimum cost of 2.000 euros for night. You can only arrive by helicopter or in case you have booked a visit to the nature reserve by boat anchored all’argo waiting to be picked up by the tour guide.

Necker Island

Isola Necker.

Atlantic Ocean, British Virgin Islands. The Necker Island owned by British billionaire Sir Richard Branson (that of Virgin to understand). Is a private island with adjoining luxury resort. It can be rented for a modest sum of 38.000 euros for day and can accommodate up to 28 people. Let’s say that just the co-founder of Google could decide to get married here.

Saint-Barthélemy Island

Most exclusive islands: Caraibi, Saint Barth.

Caribbean Sea, Caribbean, West Indies. The Saint-Barthélemy Island better known as Saint Barts is one of the luxurious most exclusive islands par excellence. Also defined as the island of the aesthetes and the narcissists. With it’s white beaches, coral reefs, breathtaking views and noteworthy movida conquest and attracts like a magnet a little all, VIP and not VIP. Do not miss its beaches of Shell Beach, the pristine Anse Saline, Anse du Colombier and the most inflated St. Jean. For a stay at the height of the location it takes at least 800 euros for night.

Musha Cay

Bahamas, Musha Cay islands.

Atlantic Ocean, Bahamas, the Musha Cay Island, owned by the famous illusionist David Copperfield. Is another of the most elite islands in the world where you can dream of spending at least a weekend in your life. In this typical tropical environment with white beaches, fine as sugar and crystalline waters it is also said that the magician has found the source of eternal youth. All that remains is to go and discover it by staying in the only resort on the island (for 12 people, at most 24 with an increase in price) taking advantage of the minimum offer of € 21.000 for night.

These listed above are undoubtedly the 5 most exclusive islands but I think I should add a little mention to the Bermuda archipelago. 300 coral islets, of which only 20 are inhabited, which together with Florida and Puerto Rico form the legendary “Bermuda Triangle“. Unspoiled landscapes, pink and white sand and tropical gardens a little more affordable for everyone but still unforgettable and exclusive.

The most expensive trips in the world

To conclude, remaining on the subject of exclusivity, if we wanted to talk about the most expensive trips in general, I have discovered some truly elitist ones.
At a cost of € 810,000, there is a 111-day safari in 12 different countries to see all 18 of the world’s most endangered species. With € 400,000 we leave by private jet to the Turks and Caicos Islands (Caribbean) staying at the Parrot Cay by COMO resort and then take a 5-day mini cruise on a yacht and finish the holiday in Donna Karan’s home on the island of Parrot Cay. At a cost of € 120,000, what about a week in Dunton Hot Springs, an ancient city in Colorado that has been uninhabited since 1918 to forget about the whole world away from everything and everyone? Or with € 90,000 a nice trip around the world in 28 days on a private jet.
In this regard, I would like to point out JetApp, a site to book the best private jets and charter flights. Professional in every detail, 100% flexible and always at hand on the screen of our smartphone. And if all these alternatives are not quite up to par, all that remains is to fly to the Moon, admire the Earth from up there and choose our favorite corner of the universe.
Have a good trip!

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