Gucci Guilty Intense: the iconic scent of provocation

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It is one of the historical women’s fragrances of one of the most famous Italian fashion brands in the world. Since its launch it has seen several new customizations evolving without ever losing its nonconformist spirit. Gucci Guilty Instense Eau de Parfum for women celebrates personal freedom by embodying and perfectly representing a modern, strong and individualistic woman. An intense perfume capable of mixing different aromas that blend gently with each other creating an intoxicating mix.


The fashion brand Gucci was founded in Florence in 1921 as a leather goods workshop. Since then it has come a long way becoming, to date, the second best-selling fashion brand after Louis Vuitton. Since January 2015 it has been under the creative direction of the Italian designer Alessandro Michele who in a very short time managed to renew the entire aesthetic of the brand. Particularly renowned for creativity, innovation and Italian craftsmanship, over the years Gucci has admirably expanded its collections by also integrating beauty products such as cosmetics and perfumes. Among the latter, the bold and award-winning eau de parfum Gucci Guilty Intense stands out.

Gucci Guilty Intense perfume: the irresistible eau de parfum that loves the challenge

Profumo donna Gucci Guilty Intense.

Gucci Guilty Intense Eau de Parfum for women is considered the perfume of provocation. Born in 2010 by the master perfumer Aurelien Gurichard, but officially produced in 2011, it is a sensual oriental floral fragrance. The campaign slogan itself, encapsulated in the powerful statement #GuiltyNotGuilty, now #ForeverGuilty, is an ironic play on the word “guilt”. Thus celebrating the individuality and freedom of the modern woman characterized by a sensitivity far removed from any possible sense of guilt. A rebellious woman who sprays herself with a few drops of this much loved and iconic fragrance experiences the brand itself as a symbol of seduction while Gucci Guilty becomes the irresistible perfume of the challenge. Celebrate the joy of being truly free.

Gucci Guilty Intense: composition and olfactory notes

Composizione e note olfattive del profumo

This feminine eau de parfum incarnation of freedom breaks all the patterns of traditional feminine perfumes. The aroma of Gucci Guilty Intense is defined by an exclusive harmony. Pink pepper, traditionally used in men’s perfumes, blends harmoniously with lilac flowers and amber. Immediately after application, the intense top notes of tangerine and pink pepper, with their sweet and slightly spicy accords, give way, after a few minutes, to the intoxicating heart notes of lilac flowers, violet and heliotrope (vanilla flower). Finally, the persistent sweet and woody base notes of amber and patchouli complete this irresistible eau de parfum with a noble and vibrant flavor.

For whom it is suitable

The Gucci Guilty Intense perfume is a fragrance that I find particularly suitable for all modern and self-confident women. If you have a nonconformist attitude, free from any kind of rules, labels or boundaries, this is the right aroma. Without setting limits of age or generation, it is a fragrance capable of personifying all those women and girls who want to feel free to be whoever they want. Do what they want always and in any case both in life and in love. A strong oriental floral perfume, enveloping but not heavy. So decisive that it is perfect for the evening and on special occasions, favored by those looking for refined and intense tones.

Where to buy Gucci perfumes

In my opinion the best point of reference to buy all the iconic Gucci fragrances online, including Gucci Guilty Intense, is the Notino website. In 16 years of activity they have become the online shop with the widest selection of cosmetics and perfumes in Europe. Present in 24 countries, including Italy, they ship up to one hundred thousand packages a day and yes, your favorite Gucci perfume could be in one of these packages. Also, if you love customization, it is possible to have an original text laser engraved on the beauty product you ordered. Imagine how nice to have a perfume bottle with a date, name or quote that is important to you. It will be a truly personal and unique product. Why wait? Say it with a perfume.

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