The elegance today. Matter of choice, awareness and sincerity

by fashionsnobber

Like every year the Sanremo festival creates debates and controversies on elegance. In a time when society tends to impose uniformity trying to homologate with the result that we are all more or less equal in terms of style and behavior become what being stylish?

Meaning of elegance

I quote from the vocabulary.

Elegance: s. f. “Elegantia” from Latin. The quality of what is stylish. The elegance of a dress, the person, portamento. Elegance say, of writing. Elegance of style, image, concepts; meticulous, too, studied, researched. Elegance of a demonstration, a formula, a solution.

The elegance so it’s a quality perceived by what we feel elegant. Ok, but the elegance is not objective as subjective is not it? What for me is elegant is not said it is for other people.

Elegance objective

The objective elegance, as we are taught the etiquette, is about choices both from a stylistic point of view that behavior can make us feel as stylish people. Be so elegant means being able to develop our own style relying on our taste but with the knowledge of what really we can enhance rather than ridicule.
The youth of today, for example, will let themselves be infected by the trends of the moment and let’s face it, very rarely are elegant. Wearing a tight-fitting crop top, transparent and low-cut of the shorts to a formal event is certainly not a good choice. And this from an objective point of view. As well as having a vulgar attitude is objectionable material of any woman of class.
Be stylish so it’s a matter of choice both objective and subjective.

Elegance subjective

On this we could talk for hours without getting to the head of anything. Basically it’s one of those battles lost from the outset.
Some say every woman should be able to dress and show how he wants without being judged. Objectively correct, but morally wrong.
We are in an era in which like it or not the clothes make the monaco. It’s the first thing that a person looks and from which he draws his first conclusions. And in the digital age where virtually live image and the image that we give this dress is all of us.
And forgive me I can not have estimates of those women, wives and mothers who often resort to nudity decidedly inelegant given away as food to web. Forgive me if they make me laugh those women over 30 hail every trend without realizing that they are ridiculous. Forgive me I can only see an inner loneliness and insecurity as to the need for choices that did not suit at all begging for attention. Each has my limits, and mine is this. Women who choose this  “elegance” (because for them evidently) for me are far from being defined class women.

The elegance today is about choices, awareness and sincerity

We assume that everyone is free to think as he wishes. As indeed I am free to believe more or less refined a person. You never will sell for good that those who are overweight may objectively afford to wear anything he wants. I never will sell for good we get half-naked in poses succinct is not a request for attention is lacking somewhere else. In saying this I know to abide enemies half the world but if we speak of class and good taste that is.

Be stylish today involves having the right security dose that leads us to make choices. Choices synonymous with us the same knowledge knowing your strengths and weaknesses that lead us to understand what is and what is not. Elegance is achieved through experience. We need to know each other really well not only outwardly. We must be sincerity with ourselves, accepting an age, a new wrinkle or some kilos more. Remember that we are not alone and maybe our decision may put pressure on family members, husbands and even children. I heard them children take around others because they saw the other’s half-naked mother of his Instagram account. I heard them husbands complain about the lack of respect and at worst even get to cheat for this. I heard them familiar ashamed of his niece, sister or daughter. And if you think about the greatest style icons considered elegant in the most objective way of the term often you do not have even ever stripped much. Yet every woman says the inspiration for at least one of them.

That being said to you what is the elegance nowadays? What are the choices you have made thinking of your style and your personality?

Audrey Hepburn icona di stile di eleganza - Audrey Hepburn elegance style icon.

Brigitte Bardot icona di stile e di eleganza - Brigitte Bardot elegance style icon.

Coco Chanel icona di stile di eleganza - Coco Chanel elegance style icon.

Elizabeth Taylor icona di stile di eleganza - Elizabeth Taylor elegance style icon.

Grace Kelly icona di stile di eleganza - Grace Kelly elegance style icon.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis icona di stile di eleganza - Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis elegance style icon.

Marilyn Monroe icona di stile e di eleganza - Marilyn Monroe elegance style icon.

Credits: Images found on Pinterest and viewable on the board a “Style Icons“.

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