A custom fabric is forever

by fashionsnobber

There are those who say a diamond is forever and those like me in this last period think of a fabric. Yes, you got it right. I totally fell in love with a fabric and you know why? Because I dreamed it and I saw my idea so far only imagined take shape. For the most it will be nothing, but for me that I designed the pattern of the fabric, thought and idealized, seeing it realized was something magical.

A fabric is forever

For Milan Fashion Week I wanted to do something unique. Something that no one could tell me about which stylist it was because in fact it is not of any stylist. I wanted something to represent me. He talked about me, my blog and my style. Or rather, of the style I would like to be able to wear without looking like a balloon. Let’s say that for a day I wanted to take away a whim by not caring about my non-existent 38, my wide, well accentuated hips, my being not very graceful and those extra kilos.
Silly? Maybe. Happy? More! And if I’m happy this is enough for me. Perhaps you will smile in seeing me and this is enough for me too. By now you are as good as tearing a smile from me is the most important gift. Beyond the compliments, beyond the falsehood, interest or competition that could exist from some. Tearing a smile is a natural and spontaneous gesture without being planned. True and sincere just like I want to be with my readers.

TheColorSoup to make my custom cloth

To implement my idea I asked TheColorSoup for help. I told him what I had in mind and we chose the most suitable fabric together with their staff and my beloved seamstress. At this point I graphically designed the Fashion Snobber pattern and then upload it to TheColorSoup website and send it to print on the fabric. I waited a couple of days for shipping and voilà le jeux sont fait!

Tessuto idea grafica Fashion Snobber.

Fashion Snobber fabric.

Now, I know very well how curiosity will begin to grip you but as a good Snobber I am leaving you only a few images of the realization of no one knows well what with the personalized fabric.
And to find out?
To find out, you’ll have to follow me on social networks, especially tomorrow, or look for me around Milan Fashion Week. So, believe me, you’ll notice me from miles away. In practice, where you will see the passers-by laughing out loud. ;P

Lavorazione tessuto Fashion Snobber.

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Stella 07.10.2015 - 11:18 Reply
idu 26.09.2015 - 20:35

This is beautiful. I look forward to seeing it fully styled. Pretty sure it’d be awesome.

Anett 26.09.2015 - 16:29

Che bello questo tessuto! Mi piacerebbe tanto saper cucire…

Bella Pummarola


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