What fashion bloggers don’t say

by fashionsnobber

Open Google and whatever you are looking for has something to do with fashion you always find yourself on a fashion blog. Managed by one or more people and characterized by what the fashion bloggers don’t say. For most they are becoming like parsley. From those who only talk about bags to shoes only. Those curvy or those that enhance the unnaturalness of a model’s body. To finish on those that follow a thousand styles and make senseless jumbles. Always with a smartphone in hand ready to upload the latest outfit on Instagram. Always perfect from morning to night. The most humble smiling. With a haughty air the most convinced. Of all types and for all tastes. Thus we see, perceive and criticize. Yes, you do not deny it either.
But do we know how the monitor is or what they think? No, we don’t know exactly.

There are things that fashion bloggers don’t tell

Fashion Snobber blog influencer.

There are days when the desire to respond to comments is zero and having to go from blog to blog to make link building becomes almost a nightmare. But it serves and is essential.
Days when you don’t have the slightest desire to take a picture, in the shot you laugh and in the meantime you curse that fucking moment when you didn’t decide to open a cooking blog or just take flat lay photos.
Other days we would send to that country the umpteenth mail of a brand that proposes collaboration as long as we write what he says and how he wants. (no, ok, not for all this point but I always hope for the majority)
Still others have the writer’s block and nothing comes to mind other than an article on underpants.
Then where do we put those days in which the photos taken are wrong and end up in the trash finding themselves with no outfits to publish? Any other non-requesting article is invented by force its own image temporarily removed, disheveled, clad, with a huge pimple in the middle of the forehead and with the chipped enamel. After all they are normal people. Maybe.

Moments not of a fashion blogger

The fashion bloggers don’t say that there are no times when browsing through the visits coming from the search engines it turns out to be found with “17 years top sex“, “sex tylle“,”robert wolders relationships“,”sexy mom“,”porn fashion blogger” and so on. (evenly written as they have been reported) Regretting even more the idea of ​​a food blog with only recipe content, vegetable and fruit doses and names.
Moments no when they do not tell of yet another comment. Clearly out of place and context with respect to the published post that makes one ask for what absurd reason it is necessary to take half a day in writing it, plus one for the photos, if then people linger three seconds throwing there two random words?
Without neglecting the omnipresence on every social network. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, You Tube and woe to not write anything in 24 hours or lose followers and as an influencer you find yourself “outfluencer”.
The Seo and the Tag then where do we put them? It is not enough to put “fashion blogs“, “fashion bloggers“, “fashion“, “trends” and “style” in an article to be found, but who are we kidding?
What then if you publish little is not good. If you publish too much people do not stand behind you because thank God he still has a life. You lose weight during the course of the blog it is not so good because you are homologating too much to the system, but if you get worse than ever. If you write about quantum physics in a look, you are the same stupid and if you put only quotes or phrases you are even more so.
To spam oneself everywhere, how and when and to block agencies, press offices and brands with a minimum hope of attention to arrive I still don’t know where (fortunately even these alms do not characterize all of them).

What fashion blogger don’t say is not signed Chanel

Jokes aside, what fashion bloggers don’t say is all this and much more. Isn’t Chanel strictly signed and why did I write these things? Frankly, I don’t know. Today I just wanted to let your thoughts free and say everything or nothing depending on your interpretation. Maybe I had absolutely no desire to look for looks on the internet to show or create one, or, more fun, at this moment I could be of an ugliness never seen before to make anyone escape. Ah, no, that’s why all my published outfit articles and my little professional way of writing are enough.
Only one thing…
These thoughts are secret so don’t tell anyone because what fashion bloggers don’t say must remain top secret.

Fashion Snobber blog influencer.

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manuelita 04.09.2015 - 7:18

Buon venerdì Luna
un bacione

Leftbankgirl 04.09.2015 - 0:36

Loved reading this! You captured the craziness of blogging!


Tanya 03.09.2015 - 19:30

Being a blogger is hard, especially when you work 9 to 5, have tons of work at home and weather is not always nice))


Ashley 03.09.2015 - 16:49

Great post!
Happy Thursday!


Alyssa Monique Bustillo 03.09.2015 - 15:52

Indeed. Fashion Blogger.
SCF// Styleccentric Fashion // alyssamoniquebustillo.co.nr

attraction2fashion 02.09.2015 - 19:27

I love your article:). I’m enjoying reading it a lot:). You’re right about this. I always stop no mater what but I do apologies for my late replied! I have gone and travel of my work for the pasted few days and back home just today:).

Happy day to you! Thanks for stopped by!


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