Fashion blogger profession: everything you need to know

by fashionsnobber

Lately I have often come across arguments with the usual debate on how to be a blogger, but above all a fashion blogger, may or may not be considered a real profession. There are still those who think a professional can be defined as such only if he has a degree, a master’s degree or any specialization in the field and who, like me, think a little differently.

Being fashion blogger is a profession?

Leaving aside voluntarily the meaning attributed to the words fashion blogger profession I feel I can write this article not to defend either side but to analyze a collective mentality which, perhaps, would be better evolved.
First of all I want to clarify that in the world there are professionals (in any field) very valid and very good who can:
A) Not having had the opportunity to study and become self-educated on their own, plus the bones in the field.
B) Being a graduate in a completely different matter and then working in an opposite field.
Same thing for the other point of view:
A) There are professional graduates who are incompetent and make fun of us.
B) I know a lot of graduates (especially at Bocconi) who quietly state how much they have learned at the theoretical level but how little, if not nothing, has served them once they enter the world of work.
Then. Said this. In my opinion the profession does not do it either a degree or not.

The profession does it any business take us the loaf at home

Now, that the fashion blogger profession is not well seen is clear to everyone. They annoy journalists who happened to blow an article away. They don’t like fashion buyers who have seen themselves put in the third row at fashion shows because the first rows are now up to celebrities and fashion bloggers. And finally, they are also able to blow up advertising by simply sharing a photo on Instagram. Sorry, but what year are we in? What do we all have in hand 24 hours a day and for anything we get from there?
The smartphone, exactly.
And what is better for a brand than to be mentioned in an authoritative blog, written by ordinary people and read by as many ordinary people, advertising itself coming directly to the chosen target customers? Anything. It is a marketing strategy that has simply evolved in step with the times.
Rather than railing towards fashion blogs, then redo it with companies (perhaps by writing them a nice letter).
But of course, that fades, the fashion sector is superficial, light, stupid. True, they don’t talk about quantum physics, they don’t save the earth from an imminent collision with an asteroid or they stop hunger in the world. But they try to make people dress better by sharing inspirations and the passions they have. They write about clothes, make-up, accessories, so what? This should not make fashion bloggers stupid a priori. Who creates clothes, make up and accessories is stupid? I ask to understand.

Because fashion blogs are considered stupid

In the popular view, fashion blogs have made them stupid those bloggers who really don’t know how to set up two sentences, have articles written by others and then opening their mouth to some event they have unmasked themselves. Those web pages in which in addition to two pictures in poses of mannequin and the credits is not expressed, told or taught anything else.
On the other hand, I know for sure there are fashion blogs that are just as brilliant and credible. With their own precise style able to transmit and leave something going beyond and not caring about the commonplace. Professional blogs that tell their passion with seriousness, dedication and honesty without being corrupted by a free shirt if they don’t like the brand. Bloggers able to spend all night writing blog posts, studying SEO or social media marketing, link building, planning the editorial week and follow all the social networks without anyone’s help. Genuine and true people that I like to believe they will come and will really make this job a fashion blogger profession. If it is true that the web is the only place in the world that is still meritocratic, they will make it and if they are paid to talk about what they like, can they really not be considered a profession? Who are we to judge and point the finger?

Fashion Blogger profession? Yes, no, maybe

Fashion Blogger Fashion Snobber.

If you have professionalism in doing it, everything can become a job. A fashion blogger profession can exist and coexist with other types of work on the web. It is not a piece of paper that establishes an out of place comment or the umpteenth gratuitous offense arising from a brain not connected to the mouth. Can our blog make us earn a thousand euros a month? It is a profession. Point. Like any profession there are those who know how to do it better and are more correct than others. But this should not be me to establish it if not its readers and the blogger in question when looking in the mirror.
In conclusion, I can only tell you one thing. Don’t take the web for your bottoms, nor your readers. Everyone may seem stupid but losing credibility, visits, readers and followers is a snap and never come back. Stay consistent with your choices without overdoing it. Be honest and always stay yourself. With a smile and a little more humility it would be even better.
Ah, and for those who support the fashion blogger profession is dying, take a nice trip abroad. Here in Italy the blogs die because we are terribly behind. In short, nothing new. In the meantime, tell me yours on the subject. I’m sure I have a lot to learn from your points of view.

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Rachelle Anne Lopez 31.03.2017 - 8:55

Very organize thank you. I got some ideas in wholesale clothing

Ashley Jones 08.03.2017 - 22:37

such beautiful photos, you are glowing in that pretty light!

UpdateLand 08.03.2017 - 18:33

That is a great outfit! Each piece is so versatile and can be worn with so many different things!

The Girl 20.10.2015 - 12:12

Lovely post! And your outfit is great!


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