Fashion blogger, it’s time to do outing

by fashionsnobber

It’s time to a nice post outing. A post in which all the truth that lies behind the alleged defined fashion bloggers influencer (I’m fucking add) come out better or for worse. Ok, momentarily more in evil but we overlook this detail.
I always tried to have my say in an ironic way by putting in more or less direct lines with the hope to make an examination of conscience and maybe begin to change from inside, even the most established mindset of how we should run the fashion blogging.
Now I got to a point where I’ve seen, heard and read too many that my diplomacy has gone to hell, and since you are all in a flock of sheep and you do not have the guts to take a stand because it is never a like, a view or a comment at least you should send in ruins, I do it for you. Because I do not give a tube of this and my visits despite beginning to snub totally different of you do not fall. Really?! Thought to be fundamental eh! But no, the world does not care anything about your dirty laps.
Today I will be tough, cold and, I have to say about all, without exception, of course, including me, and I will not stop writing until I’ll be very well vented taking out much of the corruption that surrounds us. Because obviously will never cease, this you know it? Are you not victims, they are only craftsmen.

N.B. If you are easily offended and believe you a super influencer believes to be perfect not continue reading because you’ll probably be offended heavily.

Fashion blogger, it’s time to do outing and tell the whole truth

We start from the controversy of buying followers and like social network. It does not take a genius to see who and how many followers buys during a time frame. I have seen graphs of several of you soar to 20,000 and more followers to blow in 12 hours. Provided not be finished on TV or paparazzi out to dinner with a VIP from peanuts that lends itself to the game, I see hard as possible. Go Men and women do before. I do not know if you know that technically you do things online and then all your movements are in sunlight and traceable to any specific monitoring program social networks. Therefore deny or feel influencer of ghosts as well as pathetic is painful. At least have the humility not afford to criticize those who have less because obviously does not have money to burn as you or simply to such change by a different value.
I fully understand an initial purchase of a couple of thousand to start, this can not conceive, God forbid, but get to numbers from Vip I find it ridiculous given that the street will not even recognize a cat and the only autograph is signed retries taxes for a sponsorship. Call yourselves public figures is equally as exhilarating because I had already explained in a previous post of Chiara Ferragni there is one, and it will remain a thank heavens. The events to which participate for free even there photographing behind the billboard if you stand there you hoping to appear on a few magazines. But what are we talking about?
Also, when you use the tool, of which I admit quietly to use even though I know that for that week or tot days I can not be very active on Instagram and being comfortable at least bring you real followers, the series, few but good, maybe set them as stop you like a porn picture or tacky because even if you already have the whores in your preferred poses succinct then a second end associated with that category. Maybe they will call for a porn movie certainly not to invite you to the Chanel fashion show. As well as comments, understand well that all the same under each picture, the third, the figure of shit is colossal.

The whole truth about the alleged fashion blogger friends all

There is blogger who has not been “screenshottata” by a colleague to laugh behind. We all ended up in the meal to those 10/15 advocates names of malice in order to feel better. The sad thing is when women are 40 years maturity have forgotten around 20, maybe. I wonder, but a life that keeps you occupied you have not? Chess, a son, a husband, a companion, a dog? A job? That is, you are so frustrated to control and have time to make up stories and speak ill of colleagues who then of course phone calls and you interact with as if it were your best friend? Disgusting is the only thing that comes to mind and I regret not being able to pull out every single name and photo to save the next victims who still believe and fall for it because of inexperience and good faith. Those who make friends all then are the worst kind. Judah was less false to speak.
You feel influencer and in many we wonder who ever influenced in clothing nothing short of ridiculous that you propose to dress like you convinced the neighbor. They have never said that not everything that is currently fashionable is actually mettibile and tasteful? They have never said that there is free will and choice? Yes? Then taste you do not have own and you, you dress like shit when you follow every trend is imposed by the fashion system. I will never be convinced that the plateau is fine, that the crop top to be worn by force, that the luxury brand is synonymous with well-dressed and indeed, very often, those who signed dressed from head to toe is more ridiculous than it buys heads to the market. Yes, let’s.
It is not Lady churning face his chances with arrogant and convinced to those that arrive later this month, as it’s not what you put in Mrs. intimate to sponsor a perfume especially if mother and companion. It is she who slanders Lady of colleagues and makes the grass out as it is not Lady who is praised, then obviously you Imbroda with facts and trifles from the elementary child. It is not Lady who uses the children or his problems to convey the approval of others, it is Lady who remains herself out of it.

Fashion ambiguous, inconsistent bloggers, false and opportunistic

Those you hail when you express your own opinion about another blogger telling you “You’re right, good, I agree, then that is ridiculous!”
And after two hours they say the same thing to another …
No, excuse me, but do you think should I believe you? Do you take me for an idiot? Let’s not your ass, if you’re like me, some do not follow or interact with those who make the opposite right? It’s called CONSISTENCY. I invite you to read the vocabulary because maybe you do not know the meaning. Not to say yeah, but what I do not like or have done something that I did not feast or any other fact has made me fall, do not read, I do not even among Facebook friends because they never accepted or even eliminated . There is accidentally written somewhere that a blogger must necessarily maintain contact with another blogger who does not value? Not to my knowledge. Simply do not like what you express or show you and do not follow you, I do not see where the problem is. Even Jesus did not at all? If I wanted to talk to everyone, get along with everyone or maintain contacts with all the pr did not the blogger behind a monitor for not having broken balls.
Not to mention the privately asked alms on how to get an invitation to a fashion show or any type of partnership inherent in the blog. Seriously think that those who have the knowledge to go and say to the first sucker who gets in her knees weeping? In the first place if a person wants to give you a straight does spontaneously without you having to ask, second, rather than pass you a parade where I would also look bad I eat the invitation. Third, if your blog does not worry that companies find you, maybe you do not know yet but peep or write as I have said many times does your email binned 9 times out of 10 and this I quote confirmed by insiders . Why waste time when, perhaps, you should get a good book about fashion and maybe study something that spurs you to write without mentioning exclusively words of others?

Fashion blogger and link building, that sucks!

Enough is enough, someone explain to me once and for all the utility of having pappardelle with useless comments below each post. What I do not give a “nice shoes”, “nice post!” and similar?! If you have something to say about the post say it with full knowledge of the cause, but if you have no time or desire to read it to comment on them not to do it! I live just fine without two words that make me just lose valuable time in which I could do more for education and I have come to imitate you your lack of interest in content commentandoti. And then those who spend only the comments at first, but who are you sorry? And I think even I believe in what I write because if you jump even know if they are alive or dead? Nothing you have so you know what, but ciaooo!
Let’s stop with this game, I’ve read? I put a post on like Fb or on Instagram so you know, and comment if you really have to say something useful otherwise silent and who keeps silent consents not?
There is more work door, you do not Popularity witnesses and Google stopped only base the indexation mechanism of this years ago. It ‘a singsong routine, whining and tremendously boring. The true even commenting loyal readers. Each registered to my email newsletter for instance does not belong to almost any fashion bloggers think ‘! So what is it? At anything if not written because it has to say something meaningful or useful.
I mean, do you really believe in every single compliment is left there? Ahahahahaahahah! Not me, and I save at most a dozen, and I’m wide.
Because I assure you that most of the comments belong just to those bloggers who speak evil behind but I enjoy it too much to see how far they think of me look stupid. Oops, sorry, had fun for me because today the play changes.

Fashion Blogger? Butt question, tits and brain drain

I read girls of twenty years railing against women blatantly criticized their butts and tits in beautiful put shows on every company and in every possible position unimaginable. First you are ignorant and rude as well as disrespectful to those who are larger and probably has to teach you something because right now we do not think, but maybe, one day, you get married and you have children who will come back home and be ashamed when someone at school pulled out a hole in your photos sheep 10 years ago ended in a porn or group will have drawn on your mouth open a beautiful pea.
Yeah, maybe you do not know that even though stopping right click the pictures published are easily savable and believe me, I’ve seen many of you end up in groups where I hope they did not want to really end. But what can I say? For me you deserve it. We agree that easy visibility you always get and still stripping but this does not imply that should be done by force. Some are chosen, should be respected. In fact I have not alerted the bloggers I’ve seen in those groups to pick up the photos, I respect their choice to show themselves and to end up there at the mercy of many swine little comment on what they wanted to sponsor. At most if you will print and will use the bathroom up doing good. From #fashionblogger to #fashionporner is a short step. Is flawless right? Respect, and I avoid, I do not like but I can criticize them and say in my blog because it is mine and manage as I will. Simply. As they criticize and have their say to us envious of their physical. Tsè!

I’m Fashion Snobber

I'm Fashion Snobber. No fashion blogger.

And after all these charges and you’re wondering about me at all? Too easy to criticize without being criticized right? Wrong and you should know very well.
About me tell you that you are fat, ugly, not write it make decent pictures as you have already explicitly said right and left, and even more are so snobby for me to criticize anyone and consider only a few chosen. True, all true but at least I’ll take responsibility and what I write is always just purely the truth about what I see and touch with hand. I challenge you to show me otherwise and I am really so unpleasant because I tell it like it is, and take a stand? The problem is not mine but I am pleased that despite having to say when I post something and then not bother to turn it around as you please, and even a few sentences to make them yours. Do you still think that no one sees nothing and are all fools? I never omologherò all this but on rompervi my balls were certain I will never stop and if you’re not the web is vast no good is offended if you go over.
Oh, and is not that monster ass and boobs because I can not afford me but simply in the second case you’d disappear and because thank God I have the decency and common sense to understand that I prefer a contact less but have a husband and a son who will not be ashamed of me and who contacts me it does not because I’m cool, but because I have a very clear personality, strong and distinct.
And I end with this because I’m tired of losing breath and try to change a saturated system, false, liar and hypocrite who rightly criticize and deride all. I wanted to close completely but I have studied fashion and is the subject of which I love to talk more so I can not stravolgermi your fault. What is certain is that I totally dissociate myself from now on this category and what will be left of me? Fashion Snobber. Point. As a category and as a person. Who will follow me will always welcome provided it is true, when you need to have the guts to take a stand. Good brave face with me does not work anymore.
Amen, and go in peace.
Yes, but with yourself if you can…

Credits: I thank Dania Angels Wear Heels and Benedetta Come nasce una mamma for the post of subtitles suggestions. ;)

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