Fashion curiosity. Did you know that?

by fashionsnobber

According to a French writer, fashion is the most excellent farces where nobody smiles because all you recite. It dates back to prehistoric times, and we all think we know all too. But when we speak of fashion curiosity, in fact, all we know?

Fashion Snobber Sailor Moon. Curiosità moda. Lo sapevate che? - Fashion curiosity. Did you know that?

Historical fashion curiosity. Did you know that?

Ancient Age

In Prehistory necklaces they were made from the bones of animals killed during the hunt.
Up to 400 A.D. the skirts were worn by both sexes.
The first shopping center were the Trajan Markets in ancient Rome. Equipped with several levels and more than 150 shops.

Middle Ages

Before the fashion show the latest trends circulated through the press, paintings and dolls.

Modern Age

Up to 1740 high heels were worn by both men and women. (The men were for greater stability on horseback.)
Until the late nineteenth century the black clothes were worn exclusively by domestic staff and the deaths.
The wedding dress turned white after 1840. Queen Victoria was the first to marry in this color. In ancient times the wedding dress was velvet and bright colors.

Contemporary Age

The first fashion magazine called The Mercury Galant. It was male and was published in France in 1678. That came 16 years after women.
The modern thong born in 1939 imposed to the night club dancers because they were not naked.
The Ugg were born in the late ’60s as “beach boots“. Designed to warm the feet of surfers at the exit from the cold waters of the Australian.
In 1968, with fashion Missoni rows they are called ‘sun‘ in reference to the sun by the beach.
The spacesuits for the moon landing were created by Playtex, the company famous for the production of bras.
The bikini was named so in the name of a Pacific atoll where the United States did the nuclear test because he did a bang as the Atomic Bomb.
The Russian army began to wear stockings in 2007. Before his feet wrapped in pieces of cloth.

10 curious fashion for all tastes

1. Louis Vuitton medium employs a week to realize its iconic handbags.
2. The name “jeans” comes from “Genes“, Genoa in French. Port from which the goods came wrapped in this tissue.
3. Zara creates up to 13 sizes of the same garment to adapt to the different nationalities of its customers. 2020 has made a commitment to eliminate hazardous chemicals from its production.
4. The symbolic color of Tiffany copyrighted in nature is the color of the eggs of an American variety of robin.
5. A carat corresponds to 200 mg.
6. An American has an average of 8.3 pairs of jeans.
7. In a world of Chanel N°5 perfume it is sold every 30 seconds.
8. If all the world Havaianas were arranged in a row would circle the world 50 times.
9. In the world is sold a Hermès scarf every 25 seconds.
10. A woman, on average, has 30 pairs of shoes.

And you know other fashion curiosity?

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Missy May 04.12.2016 - 17:43

II didn’t know half of these, so thanks for the education. Great post! Have a blessed week ahead.

Jacquard Flower 02.12.2016 - 11:13

Great post! I love the facts at the end.

Gemma x


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