Fashion dresses: 5 must-haves for the summer

by fashionsnobber

We saw them parading on the most important catwalks. We saw them fill the windows of our favorite stores and now they can be missing only in our closets. The 2019 summer fashion dresses offers us 5 must-have models that we can’t give up. Many of them, season after season, will always be an evergreen.

The 5 must-have fashion dresses for the summer

The clothes are the most practical garment. Able to make us perfect in every occasion and make us be ready in a short time without becoming crazy thinking or studying various combinations. For those who, like me, prefer to wear this type of garment during the hottest season, it’s time to discover the main trends made of models. Patterns and colors that fashion dresses have in store for us.

Animalier dress

Animalier summer dress.

We were prepared from this winter and we knew well how much the animalier fantasy would have mastered even the spring-summer fashion dresses. A trend that has established itself among the strongest of the moment. Capable of bringing out the wild soul of every woman. No rule, no limit of models, colors or interpretations as long as it is capable of making us sensual and feminine between one safari and another.

Floral dress

Summer floral  fashion dresses.

The main print and fantasy that has characterized most of the fashion dresses in the spring-summer collections for years. It is good for all and there are no particular rules to follow. Long or short, light or dark, with large or small flowers it does not matter as long as it makes us lightly bloom like our favorite bud.

Pois dress

Polka dot dress.

The iconic minimalists fashion dresses par excellence are back louder, better known by fashion victims as polka-dots. In every variation of their size and color, they immediately give that extra elegance from the 20s touch that made them famous.The undisputed must-have always remains the color combo of white/black that immediately makes a polka dot dress chic to feel perfect both day and night.

Off the shoulder dress

Summer off the shoulder dresses.

Another timeless classic fashion dresses that often comes back on the trend during the summer is the one with the off-the-shoulder neckline. Even in this case, there is no limit to models, length, colors or patterns. Just remember to uncover your shoulders with class like those who made it known, in perfect Brigitte Bardot style.

Crochet dress

Summer crochet dress.

Relaunched directly from the 70s and abolished the exclusivity for the beach, the more or less crocheted lace dresses conquer the fashion of this season’s clothes. They are a must strictly in solid colors or geometric patterns. But abandoning the bucolic style to make them more versatile and elegant even in the city.

The must-have items for summer

Animalier, floral, polka dots, uncovered shoulders and crochet style lace are not only the main fashion dresses trends. They characterize all the garments of the best collections. For example, in QVC‘s multimedia platform we can find a vast section of clothing rich not only in clothes in step with current trends but also in sweaters, pants, skirts and accessories to meet our every need or desire for shopping. Floral leisure trousers, an animal print top or a polka dot satin blouse for the evening are great alternatives for broken looks without sacrificing summer must-haves.

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