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Being fashion is easy, just follow the fashion and trends of the moment without asking too many questions, but this will certainly not be a class index, good taste or even less education. In short, we are all good at wearing clothes and accessories to make ourselves more or less fashion victims but are we sure we know how to behave properly when we wear them? Fashion etiquette has very specific rules to be respected in order to never be vulgar, unpleasant or inadequate with very specific differences for men and women.

Fashion manners

Woman fashion etiquette

Galateo della moda donna.


The etiquette is very clear: one should NEVER see or see. Under transparent clothing it is good practice to choose it flesh-colored.


The tights must not be stretched because they immediately give the whole look a sloppy and sloppy effect. Parisian never drooping or pierced like socks, in turn, preferably never white, at least not for sports.


Short sleeves are not synonymous with elegance except for models with very particular sleeves. It is better to prefer them with long sleeves by rolling them three times from the cuff towards the shoulder so as to keep the elbow semi-exposed. Always well pressed and starched.


Also in this case the fashion etiquette is intransigent: it must always be removed in closed places.

Sweatshirts with hood

The hood should not be worn unless there is a sudden change of climate and we need it to cover ourselves. Making misfits is neither elegant nor fashionable.


The first button must be closed at discretion, the central one should always be closed and the last one never fastens. When you sit down the jacket should be undone. Eye to the sleeves, arms stretched out in front of us must fit perfectly on the wrist.


Fashion etiquette rules: Never wear large jewels together and NEVER wear them at funerals or on the beach.


When you give your hand to greet or present yourself, the right hand glove must be removed.

Mini skirt

If you are wearing this garment, be careful not to sit with your legs open. Half the thigh is the decent length, shorter is considered vulgar and not very good.

Flip-up shoes

According to the fashion etiquette, walking “shuffling”, procuring that annoying noise that makes our arrival one km away is an error of style and unpardonable education.

Deep neck on the breast

Never in the morning and never when you go to recover your children at school. Granted by the aperitif on, but of course always with decency and good taste.


Do not lean on the table where you eat, when you greet and in closed places should be removed.


Fashion etiquette requires that evening wear not be worn.


It must be perceived not to feel so much as to become nauseating.


Never wear it over your mouth. We are not VIPs who run away from fans.

Nail polish

Always perfect, never chipped or consumed. According to fashion etiquette, hands are the business card of women. Let’s take care of them.


Not on the table where you eat like for sunglasses. When you are about to respond apologize to those in front of you and walk away discreetly without letting the world know what we are talking about using too high tones of voice.


Avoid the ticking noise caused by the inner nail when the rubber under the heel is worn. If we have to make a change of shoes let’s go, it’s considered very rude to change them in public.


If you wear a lot of eyes avoid strong lipsticks and vice versa. The fashion etiquette suggests in the morning for a light, almost non-existent make-up, weighing down and getting stronger with the arrival of evening. Wanting to appear with a few years less is fine but 10 is not. Avoid clowny colors but always try to stay in nuance and harmony with your look.

Man fashion etiquette

Galateo della moda uomo.

Only the points not totally in common with the woman, for the rest the same rules apply as above.


The belt does not go lower than the underpants. It’s not fashionable, it’s just tacky. If you can talk about taste.


Those court never white at least not for sport. The long ones under the pants would be better than dark, fancy, but always dark. Obviously never punctured.


According to the etiquette of short-sleeved fashion they are never considered elegant. Choose them in long sleeves by rolling them three times from the cuff towards the shoulder to keep the elbow semi-exposed. When the tie is not worn, the first button is unfastened, the first, not the first five. Always well pressed and starched.


Always to be removed in closed places, when greeting a woman outdoors it is a polite and gallant gesture to sign off.

Suit dress

Essential. With the shades of blue and gray you are never wrong. Solid color better, but if you prefer a pinstripe I recommend that it is never too strong to not look like a gangster. Banned any kind of shiny or translucent fabric, it’s not chic.


Fashion etiquette explains very clearly how the knot of the tie should never be greater than it. Furthermore the tie must not be fine. Those in fashion are now not ties but dental floss.


First button to be connected to taste, the central one always connected and the last always open. The only case in which it should not be undone for sitting is when a double-breasted jacket is worn.


It is not worn on the cuff of jackets or shirts.


Fashion etiquette suggests that the pocket kerchief must have a different pattern than the tie.

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