The fashion lies: common places to disband

by fashionsnobber

Yes, even fashion lies. White lies that those who probably cannot see themselves with a certain item of clothing or color combination tell themselves. I call them urban legends or false fashion myths and that’s it. But what are these fashion lies? Soon said, between unapproachable colors or unapproachable patterns, let’s debunk these clichés once and for all.

The Fashion Lies: between metropolitan legends and false myths

We assume that some fashion lies in my opinion are simply personal fixes caused by a habit of always seeing each other with the same type of clothing or color. Basically, you just have to give a damn by wearing everything once and then notice how your critical eye changes. And yes, maybe even discover how the most avoided thing enhances us.

Horizontal lines are fattening

Bugie della moda: le righe orizzontali ingrassano.

One of the most famous fashion lies. It is not true that horizontal lines get fat regardless. If you are chubby, just choose them thin (which, among other things, slim) or wear them with soft garments, not too tight on the figure and that’s it.

Black and blue do not go together together

Fashion lies: black and blue shouldn't be worn together.

And why on earth? Navy blue or electric blue together with black look great. Wandering around the web it is not uncommon to come across beautiful examples in which this combination creates very chic and elegant outfits.

Black is good at everyone and smells

Bugie della moda: il nero sta bene a tutte.

It’s not absolutely true. It is one of those fashion lies that I just don’t understand who spread it. Like all colors, black may not look good and depending on the garment worn it can also get fat. The difference lies in choosing the right size and line of clothing to enhance our body. It is a passe-partout color but, for example, if we are paler than usual or too tanned at that time, it is better to avoid it.

Different fantasies should not be mixed in an outfit

Fashion lies: different patterns shouldn't be worn together.

A well done Mix & Match is difficult. Perhaps this is why this urban legend was invented a priori. In reality, anything is possible as long as the fantasies are coordinated with each other. Usually we rely on the predominant color of the one with the largest design in which attention is immediately focused. However, I recommend not mixing more than two because the risk of exaggerating and looking like a circus phenomenon is just around the corner.

High waist pants are good only to tall and thin people

Bugie della moda: i pantaloni a vita alta stanno bene solo alle persone alte.

Fashion lie that no more lie than that. In fact, it is good to know once and for all that high-waisted trousers slender the figure a lot and are ideal for those who have a little roundness to contain. A low-waisted trousers, love handles and belly do nothing but highlight them and we certainly don’t want to achieve this.

The leggings are pants and they’re good at all

Fashion lies: Leggings are pants.

And this fashion lies could be debated for hours without ever really getting to grips with it. Unfortunately, the common mentality still doesn’t want to understand that leggings are not pants. They don’t fit everyone and you need to know how to wear them the right way. If we have important buttocks, thighs and calves we must categorically avoid them. They are suitable for those who are proportionate and must be worn strictly with something long that covers at least the lower back. For casual outfits at the limit of the sporty. For those days when we want to be comfortable and practical but don’t have to become our best friends. And one says that to bring her son to school on time are her only salvation because with an oversized sweatshirt and leggings I am ready in an instant.

Shoes and purse must always be of the same color

Bugie della moda: scarpe e borsa di diverso colore non vanno indossate insieme.

This cliché worked years and years ago. Today it is too much catalog and indeed, varying them makes your outfit much more creative and original. Trying to follow the same color range present in the entire outfit makes everything easier.

The hanging earrings are worn only if you have short hair

Fashion lies: the hanging earrings are worn only if you have short hair

Personally, of all the fashion lies, this is the one that always made me laugh the most. Drop earrings look good on everyone and the haircut doesn’t affect the result at all. They immediately give more brightness to the face, often thin it and are able to enhance an otherwise anonymous whole outfit.

Only thin people can wear anything

Absolutely false. This is the most banal illusion that the fashion system relies on to sell us its fashion. In reality, there is no one in the world who can perfectly wear anything. Even a thin person has a type of clothing that does not suit them. The fact is, each body has its own style and individual personality to enhance. Point. That it is not easy to find and we get lost behind trends or what fashion imposes on us is another matter. If a cloth is well made and fits us well this does not depend on our size, height or who knows what.

The wardrobe must be consistent with one style

But what a bore I would say. And if one day I want to dress rock and the next bon ton? Or go from preppy to vintage? A good perfect wardrobe in my opinion must be versatile. Able to be able to represent us fully and in all our facets. In addition, many fashion styles can be mixed very well with each other so why should we have a wardrobe of casual clothes only if there is the time a month when I want to dress elegantly?

Those who spend the best are dressed

One of the most popular and hard to kill fashion myths. It is absolutely not true that those who have the opportunity to buy expensive clothes dress better than those who wear low-cost clothing. If you don’t have good taste, you don’t have it by dressing at Armani or by dressing at H&M. Having taste, style and knowing how to value yourself certainly does not depend on our pockets.

In short, there are really many fashion lies. For now I have listed the first ones that came to mind but I will not fail to add others as they are reported to me or I discover new ones. But above all, in your opinion, which are the most difficult to knock down? In my opinion that leggings are not pants is the hardest war to win.

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Credits: Images found on Pinterest and viewable on the “I Like It” board.

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