The fashion lies: common places to disband

by fashionsnobber

Well yeah, even fashion mind. White liars telling who probably can not see themselves with a certain dress or color matching. I define it as metropolitan legends or false myths of fashion and that’s enough. But what are these fashion lies? Soon said, between unpredictable colors or inexhaustible fantasies, we dissipate these common places once and for all.

The Fashion Lies: Between Metropolitan Legends and False Myths

Let’s start from the assumption that some of the fashion lies in my mind are simply personal styles caused by a habit of seeing us always with the same kind of clothing or color. In essence, you just have to bother wearing it all once and then see how your critical eye changes. And perhaps find out how instead the most avoided thing makes us worthwhile.

Horizontal lines are fattening

Righe orizzontali outfit - Horizontal stripes outfit.

One of the most famous fashion lies. It is not true that horizontal lines are fattening regardless. If you are in the flesh you just have to choose thin ones (which, among other things, slender) or wear them with soft heads, not banging too much the figure and the game is done.

Black and blue do not go together together

Black and blue outfit.

And why ever? Blue navy or electric blue together with black are fine. Turning to the web is not uncommon to come across beautiful examples where this combination creates very chic and elegant outfits.

Black is good at everyone and smells

Total black outfit.

It is not true. As all colors can not give and depending on the worn head can also be fatigued. The difference lies in choosing the clothing item of the size and the right line to enhance our body. It is a color passe-partout but, for example, at that time we are pale than usual or too tanned better to avoid it.

Different fantasies should not be mixed in an outfit

Mix & Match outfit.

A Mix & Match done well is difficult. That is why, perhaps, this metropolis legend was invented. In reality everything is possible as long as fantasies are coordinated. Usually we rely on the predominant color of the largest design in which the focus is immediately focused. However, I should not mix more than two because the risk of exaggerating and seemingly a circus phenomenon is around the corner.

High waist pants are good only to tall and thin people

High-waisted trousers outfit.

Lie of lies. In fact it is good to know once and for all that the high waisted pants are so much aroused for the figure and for those who have a bit of roundness to contain are the ideal. A low-waisted pants love handles and bacon do nothing but emphasize it and we do not want this right?

The leggings are pants and they’re good at all

Leggings outfit.

And here you could look up for hours without really banging. Unfortunately, the common mind still does not want to understand that leggings are not trousers. They are not good at all and you have to know how to wear them. If you have to sit, your thighs and important calves you have to categorically avoid them. They are suitable for those who are proportioned and should be worn with something long covering at least the bottom. For casual outfit at the sportsman’s limit. For those days where we want to be comfortable and practical but do not have to become our best friends. And you tell one that to bring your son to school on time is his only salvation because with an oversize sweatshirt and the leggings are ready in a moment.

Shoes and purse must always be of the same color

Scarpe e borsa di diverso colore outfit.

This common place worked years and years ago. Today it’s too over-cataloging, and indeed, changing them makes their outfit more creative and original. Trying to follow the same color range in the entire outfit makes it all easier.

The hanging earrings are worn only if you have short hair

Earrings hanging outfit.

Personally, this thing has always made me laugh a bit. Pendant earrings are good at all and haircut does not affect the outcome at all. They immediately give more brightness to the face, often smell it and are able to enhance an otherwise anonymous outfit.

Only thin people can wear anything

Absolutely false. This is the most trivial illusion the fashion system relies to sell its fashion. There is really no one anywhere in the world who can perfectly wear anything. Even a slim person has a type of clothing that does not give it to her. The fact is this, each body has its own style and personality to be valued. Point. Which then is not easy to find and we lose behind the trends or what makes us fashion is another matter. If a boss is well done and it is fine this does not depend on our size, height or what’s what.

The wardrobe must be consistent with one style

But what a bother I would say. And if one day I want to dress up rock and the next day bon ton? Or switch from preppy to vintage? A good wardrobe according to me must be versatile, capable of representing us fully and in every facet. Also, many styles can be mixed with each other so why should we have a wardrobe of casual clothes only if that is the month when I want to dress stylishly?

Those who spend the best are dressed

One of the false myths of the most cuddling and hard-to-do fashion. It is not true that those who have the opportunity to buy expensive clothes are better off than those who wear low cost. If you do not have good taste, you do not get dressed by Armani dressing us up from H&M. Having taste, style, and knowing how to enhance it does not depend on our pockets.

In short, there are so many things in the world of fashion lies. For the time being I listed the first ones that came to my mind but I will not add more to you by telling me or discovering new ones. But most of all, what do you think are the most difficult to break down? In my opinion, leggings are not trousers is the hardest war to win. ;)

Credits: Images found on Pinterest and viewable on the “I Like It” board.

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