Fashion sea children, how to dress them during the holidays

by fashionsnobber

As long as they are small, it is easy to decide how to dress our children during the holidays by following the fashion sea children that we prefer. Then they start to grow and in less than no time they ask us for a superhero summer. And ‘what they dream and above all they imagine both girls and children. When, wearing their darling, they magically acquire its appearance and its superpowers to live a thousand different adventures. Why disappoint them? Let’s find out how to make them happy without renouncing those typical attitudes from parents.

How to dress children during beach holidays

Summer by the sea is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most comfortable and practical season for dressing our children. Just make them feel free and at ease with what they wear, taking care to choose light, breathable and natural fabrics. The fashion sea children offers a lot of solutions in cotton and linen, ideal for keeping the skin cool despite the heat. As well as favoring garments in light colors to attract less sunlight. Then never forget, a hat and protective glasses. With the heat and the sun you do not mess around and above all the little ones must be protected. Bermuda, shorts and t-shirts are essential for children. For little girls, light dresses, sundresses, skirts and t-shirts. Then go to go go and shoes suitable for the situation. Flip-flops for the beach and sandals to run and play wherever they want. Finally, you must always have at least one sweatshirt at your fingertips. The sudden change in temperature at night is not to be underestimated, worth boring colds that do not end anymore. And these are the precautions to which every parent can not and does not want to give up. Let’s see how to integrate them into outfits loved by children.

Fashion sea children, a superhero summer thanks to GM Vegasi

My son often tells me that his little friends ask him where he took that Spiderman or Blaze outfit rather than those Cars sandals. So I feel obliged to share with you my recent discovery of GM Vegasi online store. In its 5 Italian stores for over 50 years, it has been very well involved in the sale of shoes, clothing and accessories for women, men and children at the best prices on the market. It offers refined collections that are perfectly in line with current trends, collaborating with the best companies in Italy and abroad. Everything can now be found comfortably online. We parents are satisfied with quality products and our children are happy to wear their heroes. Do not you believe it? Below you will find two inspirations for baby and toddler outfits, one for the beach and one for leisure time. Four children’s swimwear looks, entirely made by my son for you and approved by the most demanding mom in the world.

Outfit sea girl

Moda mare bambini Frozen - Frozen fashion sea children.

Look free time girl

Moda mare bambini Shimmer Shine - Shimmer Shine fashion sea children.

Outfit sea boy

Moda mare bambini Spiderman - Spiderman fashion sea children.

Look free time boy

Moda mare bambini Spiderman - Spiderman fashion sea children.

Did you like them? What do you say, will it be a future fashion influencer or a future Spiderman?

Do not miss the best children’s clothing offers that you can find in GM Vegasi online shop. A wide selection of garments and accessories with all their favorite superheroes just a click away. But not only that, in fact, the endless proposals for children’s shoes are not far behind. The imagination of our children should not be stopped for anything in the world, let us help them to be who they dream of being. Good shopping for everyone!

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