Sea holidays: ideal outfits and what to bring to the beach

by fashionsnobber

Those who follow me on social networks already know this. I am on Elba Island on vacation until the end of July where I have a family home on the sea just before Marciana Marina. In practice I moved from one part of the sea to the one in front.

Fashion Snobber on the Elba Island

internet signal almost completely absent. While it is good the other is sometimes quite frustrating because a few more minutes on the web I’d like to spend it. My “nerditudine” I also really suffer if I have to tell you this view from the balcony can be admired without gladly distractions. I go to the sea Tropical bathrooms in Marina di Campo. In front of the house the beach is pebble and sand love you too much to give it up. I do a little ‘and a little’ depending short mood. That said, what’s in my beach bag and what is my overall look?

Isola d'Elba Marciana Marina.

Sea holiday: the perfect outfit

Basically I try to bring along the bare minimum. At least on vacation I try to have a light bag and practice without too much surplus equipment and a natural look without overdoing it.
Obviously, no jewelry, no trace of makeup, no heels and an existing and not microscopic costume. You have learned to know me and would not things from me. Primarily inevitable the towel, in this case Ralph Lauren. Trikini swimsuit of H&M and white espadrilles Colors of California. As cover-ups I paired a Calzedonia white caftan with lace inserts.

Cosa indossare per andare al mare.

Copricostume caftano.

What you put in your beach bag and the products to be used at sea

As for the beach bag, I opted for a white O bag with flowers inside and leather-colored handles. Inevitable a straw hat (Ralph Lauren) and then wallet (Michael Kors), trousse (Ralph Lauren) with handkerchiefs, hair clip, hair band and the like. Avène thermal water without which I could not live and face the great heat. I suggest you put it in the fridge at night so that the next day is nice and fresh. As solar products I am using those of the Rougj + line. I discovered them a few years ago and it was love at first use. Obviously for the first exposure to the sun it is always better to start with those with low or high protection depending on your phototype. I am already quite colored from being able to dedicate myself to maintaining tan. The dopose and body lotion are also delicious.
Finally I bring with me cigarettes and lighters (yes I know, it hurts to smoke, do not imitate me, it is a very bad habit), the cell phone is not present in the picture since it served me to take them and the sunglasses on my head while I was taking the photos . Stunned, I forgot to include them in the images. Have pity, I’m still on vacation, aren’t I? And stop. I don’t carry anything else. This is just the bare minimum for the sea when I go to the beach.

Cosa portare al mare - What to bring to the sea.

What do you take with you instead and what could you never give up when you are on holiday at the sea?

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