Fashion Snobber in Music

by fashionsnobber
Fashion Snobber in Music

Auricolari Sudio Vasa rosa per ascoltare la mia music playlist di vita.

I have always maintained that each of us has its own playlist of music, in the sense of a series of songs that represent what he lived and met along the path of his life.
Obviously it is in constant motion and often reproposed, but there are songs that we have never tired, songs that make us cry even after a thousand listen again, songs that have that certain something that despite of artists that we do not like. Words, notes and melodies seem to be written especially for us.
Thus it was born the idea of ​​Fashion Snobber in Music, the playlist of my life:

Fashion Snobber in Music, my life playlist:

1. “Moon” – Gianni Togni.

For someone to be a trivial choice saw the name, but I’m really not.

2. “What you’re not” – Luciano Ligabue.

My adolescence. A constantly want to run away from what I was, and perhaps they are.

3. “Milan Milano” -Article 31.

My hometown, university years and an eternal struggle between the return to live or not.

4. “The lady with shopping bags” – J-AX.

My grandmother. This song brings me here when I miss so much to take my breath away.

5. “The Witch” – Vasco Rossi.

There was a time when… ;P

6. “That crazy am I” – Negramaro.

What is then the normal ?! Who is not crazy in his own way…

7. “Song to Say Goodbye” – Placebo.

One of the most fun years of my life, and bid farewell to a tormented love just before my husband (in fact even some on horseback).

8. “Choose me” – Finley.

Our first song (mica is not my fault if the radio that day went by that one!). In the end I chose him. And I did well!

9. “With the music on the radio” – Laura Pausini.

Why me and then “future husband” we danced barefoot when tinteggiavamo our home and why you, there will be cracks in the future but it will be there that will come to light. :)

10. “This is my life” – Edward Maya.

Our honeymoon, when it was just us two and our Love.

11. “When you sing your song” – Luciano Ligabue.

A piece for me and a piece of the Sun to dribble when he grows up.

12. “Titanium” – David Guetta feat Sia.

I quote: “… I’m criticized, but all of your chats are just the building blocks of vergonga… You’ve shot but I was raised… I’m bulletproof, I have nothing to lose… They are made of titanium, take your own rain…” Says it all.

13. “With People” – MODA’.

He speaks for itself … Thanks people! ^. ^

14. “The End” – Tiziano Ferro.

I cry every time I hear it, it hurts because it focuses my suffering and my limits in full. And then there’s my grandmother looking at me from up there every time I said: “I will save is time … Like last time …”

15. “Go to sleep” -Biagio Antonacci.

The lullaby of dribble of Sun now, my lullaby in the old days.

16. “They are already only” – MODA’.


17. “Hereafter” – J.AX.

Because that will tell whether or not I would never want that my other life.

18. “I’ll wait” – Alessandra Amoroso.

If you do not speak of love it would be perfect, but there are phrases that make me wince every time. Past, present, and who knows maybe even the future. We are all in time. It, like bombs. ;)

19. “On Your Way” – Elisa.

My son.

20. “Warrior” – Marco Mengoni.

Still my son.

21. “A wind unnamed” – Irene Grandi.

In my life I have always gone and never returned. I am so, when I say that I’m leaving I do not ride. I do not accept returns because I for one do not ever return.

Oh God, read fast is not so inviting, that ball playlist is coming out? No, but, congratulations to my life eh! Thanks! -.- ‘
I also thought it was nice to invite you to publish where, how and when you want your personal playlist, just below. Tell it and explain it if you want or just let your readers imagination to interpret it as they see fit.
It ‘an original way to tell us differently than usual.
Then, if you like, let me know and I will publish on this page dedicated to music.
Obviously there is a limit to the number of songs and the type, they can be musical, scores, even melodies. Just that there are notes and everything is permitted. And do not make the mistake to confuse you with your favorite songs, you have to put those who speak of you not of your taste in music. :)

Io mentre ascolto la musica! ;P

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