Fashion socks: how to wear the tights

by fashionsnobber

Over the years, fashion has literally and visually changed every rule. Everything is allowed, everything is allowed and recently also in terms of tights. This has very often created Hamlet’s doubts about how, when and why it is better to wear them or not and above all if to choose them veiled, covering or nude. Today I will try to remove all uncertainty for the umpteenth re-launch of stockings as a trend of the moment.

Before starting I start from the assumption that personally I have come to the conclusion of detesting any type of pantyhose stockings surviving peacefully without wearing a pair for at least 3 winters. They do not keep warm (except, perhaps, those in wool) so please do not tell lies about it. Also true that during the cold seasons I don’t wear dresses or skirts above the knee and if I do I use cuissard boots able to prevent me from using pantyhose. Having said that, I recognize there are people with a different thought from mine and situations or outfits where it can actually be better to wear them.

Pantyhose stockings

Pantyhose are nylon stockings that wrap the figure from the waist down. It has been officially in fashion since the 1960s to give the opportunity to wear miniskirts launched at the time. To describe its thickness and transparency, a unit of measurement is used, called “denier“, corresponding to the weight in grams of 9000 meters of wire used to create them. In a nutshell, 9000 meters of yarn used to weave a 20 denier sock weigh 20 grams. The lower the number of denier, the more transparent the stocking is. Primarily the tights are divided into veiled (from 15 to 30 denier) and opaque (from 40 denier upwards).

When to wear pantyhose

The etiquette in this regard is very clear and decidedly more Hitlerian than me. The legs should never be shown naked except in informal situations during the summer. Pantyhose socks should therefore always be worn in the context of ceremonies, grand gala, presences in the Church and yes, even in work situations. It must be said that by now this thought has been almost completely cleared through the flesh-colored stockings that (fortunately I would say) make most women shudder. We come then to the main dilemma:

Color nude yes or no?

For me they continue to be a nice sound and categorical NO. They tend to grow old, make us look like démodé and make so much sciura left over from the years of old times. Granted and admitted only in situations of disguise or cosplay. Color nude tights are extremely difficult to wear decently. They must be really and totally invisible, fit perfectly and must not have a different color from our current complexion. Therefore, listen to me, better to avoid them.

How to wear tights

How, when and why to wear pantyhose stockings.

To avoid falling into style, the ABC of tights requires that:

  • The size is perfect. They must not be too narrow or too wide and must not create any unsightly creases.
  • The tights must be worn with clothes or skirts and never under any type of trousers, ripped or not. Um… No, I’m not sorry, even shorts.
  • Seams and reinforcements in the model must be invisible and not come out of any dress or shoe.
  • There should be no shadow of the slightest stretch mark or hole.
  • The color of the stockings should never be darker than the shoe.
Opaque tights

Opaque tights are those that range from 40 deniers upwards. Consider a true mat in dark colors are also the easiest to match and wear. They help to slim and lengthen the leg especially when combined with outfits and shoes of the same color. Suitable for all women but especially for those with strong legs or thick ankles. Perfect matched in look with contrasting colored garments to be trendy or ton sur ton for chic outfits.

Sheer tights

Pantyhose stockings are those ranging from 15 to 30 denari. Extremely difficult both to choose and to wear because they can tend to age the person and the outfit. Mainly suitable for formal occasions such as events, ceremonies and important dinners, they are now in fashion even for everyday life. Suitable for women with proportioned legs, they give an extra touch of elegance to the whole look, but if you are not used to it, it is better to test them first on evening outfits.

Colored tights

The colored pantyhose stockings must be strictly covering or the risk is to look like little girls too grown up. Having tendentially colors that are noticed, they automatically become the undisputed protagonists of the whole look, so, to avoid mistakes, it is better to wear them with simple or minimal garments of dark or neutral shades. If, on the other hand, you want to get a little more glamorous outfit, you can combine it with the same shade of the head of an outfit made up of 2 or 3 colors. As for those in lurex or with glitter, it is useless to specify that they should only be worn in discos or for evening parties, right?

Fancy or worked tights

Strictly recommended for informal occasions, patterned or worked tights are generally indicated if you have well-proportioned and slim legs. The fantasies in fact tend to visually swell the leg but if we like them so much we keep in mind to avoid light colors and excessively large motifs if we have strong and turned legs. To match them, choose at least one color that matches that of the outfit. Finally, let’s not forget that the smaller the design, the more chic and elegant it will be.

How do you think about tights? Are you a regular model or do you want to do without it?

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Sources: Inspirational images found on Pinterest and viewable on the “Socks” board.

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