Fashion Week and fashion blogger, every man for himself

by fashionsnobber

Fashion week and fashion blogger are a combo too often become dangerous. In fact, during the fashion week it is impossible not to notice the multitude of fashion bloggers ready to do anything to appear or get some fashion show. Let’s say you may notice more of their models. The only difference being that the first makes people laugh, the latter are now promises you to put you on a diet to be here till fields.

N.B. The language of this post is deliberately foul in places. If you feel drawn into question before you insult me ​​right and left because I have “unmasked” try to learn how to make an examination of conscience. Thank you.

Milan fashion week and fashion blogger, every man for himself

Personally I had promised myself not to attend the Milan fashion week. I wanted to avoid being associated with this category although I have a blog about fashion. But I love the fashion show. Those 10 minutes that a brand must convince the public that it has done a great job hypnotize me. Maybe it’s because I like to imagine all the work that goes on behind the scenes. Because it will instill a child I dreamed of becoming a designer, too. In short, when I arrive invitations I’m honest, I can not say no so easily. This year later I was already in Milan and then why not go? But after what I saw, I wish there was another category for my blog and especially for me.

Fashion week and fashion blogger: sneak in parades

I would like to make it clear that to see some “colleagues” to collect the invitations to the ground and post them on social hiding the name with his finger pretending to be invited is rather frustrating. Similarly it is even worse take a selfie in front of a parade entrance with the same intent. And then of course see that inside there are not. As well as those who think that the invitation is so stupid as to believe your approach to a sudden there thinking about gifts or contacts. No, and I say NO turns anything to those unfamiliar and saw only once in his life. Without forgetting those who are waiting for the opportune moment to sneak in various ways while the security or the hostess are distracted and is then bounced. Know that you come and seen you, do it.

Fashion week and fashion blogger: no one pays

Most of the calls we receive are the same as 100 other bloggers. In fact we go there for free, and they’ll talk about in the blog will always be free. So have you believe otherwise is to take the piss out of people. Rather begin to think about whether it’s worth it. Brackets to the less cool events/presentations (those hustlers to understand) you will always find the usual five or six bloggers who, you know, are ubiquitous because they are the only ones who go there. Yes, people take everything, do everything, and you sold it as it had been invited by the designer in person and paid hundreds of euro. Bullshit. Wake up.

Fashion week and fashion blogger: scarecrow outfit

Vige common place to go around tanned as scarecrows to appear on any web page, lost in the ether. But also some fashion magazine pseudo good Asian taste okay. God forbid. Be yourself and with your usual style is perhaps better. Ok accessory or detail that stands out. And no, it’s cool even logoed dressed from head to toe in designer clothes. All too easy to copy a look that runs on Vogue for at least six months before no? And if you are not the favorite of the designer, you do not know him personally or indented in the VIP category also makes you laugh to dress in theme. The real street style comes from the street, but it is more low cost than anything else.

Fashion week and fashion blogger: take me away ignorance

Who never ever even think of asking for something specific. Beyond its own behalf and that of their blogs do not know to tell you more. If they understand what the designer parading is already so. Well of course, they are the same that create posts like “Hello everyone, I’m here and I wear this and that“. Point. What can we expect? To me, if you say that a cotton pants is actually a new type of skin they believe as well. I swear, I know, as treacherous but I did it. And yes, he believed it. Sorry but I I have to test them before writing by hand and made the things of which I speak.

Fashion week and fashion blogger: I’m cool just me, I’m just me influencer

Fashion bloggers in front of the fashion shows you recognize right away. Look absurd and smartphone in hand. Nonchalantly observe haughty their pseudo-workers and then speak ill with her friend on duty. If you think you do not even greet the effort because you look down and turn around. If they reciprocate debut with a quite false “Excuse me, but who are you?” and then “Oh I did not recognize you, do not you doing here!“. But lift up and go to hoe that you’re nobody. Stressing that maybe they are the same people who will comment on the type of blog two years. Sorry, from now on my greetings to you because I do not dare anymore.

Fashion Week by Fashion Snobber

And unfortunately for those who hoped to see me most however I am not always here in rubbish and bring out the truth. Because I defend my category. Yes, but one honest, serious, one that takes us, who do not mind their audience and do a bunch just to try to make a difference. One that loves to go to fashion shows to be seen but not because she likes to write about fashion. One for which gather material for an article is fundamental. I receive invitations to dizzying parades but by honestly, with my name and credit. At least a little bit of dignity I think we should not lose it for these things. Not be invited to a fashion show or an event does not make you any less of other bloggers. Rather get busy to be noticed and remembered by your professionalism and not for these sensational figures of shit. If the journalists of Vogue America attacked the fashion blogger with a “Get a job” it is just the fault of these elements. And from my point of view, after what I saw for the umpteenth time, as he’s wrong?

Cordially and ironically good fashion week at all.

Fashion week e fashion blogger.

Ps. Of course in all this is to exclude the beautiful people that instead I met so far and I hope to see again soon, those that I have confirmed what I already thought positively of them, and those who already know me and if anyone touches him Sbrano. <3

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