FASTYLE, usefulness, creativity and shopping in a click

by fashionsnobber

I like a lot to always discover new portals related to the world of fashion. Then if they combine the opportunity to give free rein to my creativity and imagination together with my favorite fashion e-commerce they can only make a break in my heart. Exactly as it just happened to me with

FASTYLE, usefulness, creativity and shopping in a click on our e-commerce favorite fashion

FASTYLE is a project born from an idea of young fashion lovers. A website where we can create all the outfits that we want by letting ourselves be inspired directly by the best known online shops. For example Zalando, Yoox, Asos and many others. FASTYLE also allows us to research and discover any piece of clothing we have in mind and with a single click to buy it without wasting too much time in searching for it then who knows where.
Combining immediacy, practicality, utility and creativity in one fell swoop is certainly not an easy thing. FASTYLE has succeeded in all this impeccably as well as keeping us always updated on the discounted collections of the affiliated e-commerce.

The advantages of using this application

We always have at your fingertips the collections of all our favorite e-commerce and their temporary offers. We can research exactly the type of article we are thinking of, arriving immediately at its destination. Depending on the category, the fabric, the color, the price and even the discounts, without wasting too much time on useless browsing.
If we don’t have clear ideas instead, just let yourself be inspired by the outfit exploration section and browse all the creations of the users. Finding everything we want and, simply by clicking on the article of our interest, being able to buy it directly from the official online shop becomes reality.
FASTYLE also has a simple, clean, clear design, is in Italian and has an intuitive and detailed interface for creating our looks to make everything easier. As well as the opportunity to share our ideas on social networks. Of the series, whoever has more has more.

My first outfit set

I couldn’t help trying immediately to create a fashion week themed outfit set on FASTYLE and getting lost in their women’s clothing collections. It is now close and the anxiety of “what the hell am I wearing” in front of the wardrobe, even though it is overflowing but for us always empty is inevitable.
So I imagined a street style look of items selected by Zalando.
I started with a nice pair of timeless Levi’s 501 jeans. Combined with a peplum top in white and blue vichy pattern, a white maxi coat and various accessories that give a little character to the whole. This was the result:

Street Style da Fashion Week by FASTYLE.

My first set outfit by FASTYLE.

What do you think? Do you like my idea? I thought of coloring the typically Milanese gloomy winter air with a combo of colors among my favorites.
Now I just have to wait for you on FASTYLE and do a lot of shopping together, perhaps inspired by our personal outfit proposals shared on the portal.

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