Outfit: welcome spring in floral dress

by fashionsnobber

March 20 at 23.45 officially started the Spring.
Then March 21 is the first day of Spring, it’s sunny and you have to celebrate the arrival of warm weather (hopefully).
As? With a floral outfit.

Finally spring

Dancing in the garden with a beautiful cheerful dress all in floral pattern and bow to mother nature. Then twirl fury will turn your head and walk like I’m drunk and jumps off one of my photos silly (the one under the hand with dandelion) to never forget the ease with which I want to address the issue without outfit take me seriously . Anyone who knows me knows how much for me is much easier to play with irony. Once they told me that the irony is synonymous with intelligence. I do not know if it’s true, I honestly sometimes I do the silly, a bit ‘on purpose but I have to admit im not sure a woman with a brain above average. I leave to others the conviction that I can judge I like myself just unfounded. They are also fond of my gaps.

Floral Outfit: Welcome fine weather!

Outfit abito floreale in primavera.

For the outfit today I chose this dress from H&M bought on site and paid very little, something like € 15.99. I paired with the paint ivory Sheen décolleté. Ready in a nano second I wasted no time and rushed out to watch nature wake up and wish her a good day. This look to exit I then finished with cotton spring bag by Ralph Lauren, sunglasses Gucci and Chanel Blue Boy No.555 nail polish.

Floral dress outfit details.

The original dress is on this catalog. The model is much more inviting, I tried to interpret it as best I could.

Spring floral dress H&M.

I hope you enjoyed and that you smile a little ‘imagining teeter between a swing and another. I wait for the next outfit.

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