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A diamond is forever. And a ring with precious stones? That’s the perfect Christmas gift for any woman.

A ring with precious stones is the perfect choice for Christmas

The Christmas holidays are almost there, and like every year prepares the long race for gifts for friends and relatives. If you have a partner this occasion can be a different way to make a nice gift. As well as symbolize and stop in time the relationship that has developed with her. Perhaps it may seem like a bold choice but buying a ring with diamonds (or other precious stones) is the perfect gift for those who want to see their happy girl. What matters is to make sure that this gift is made in the right way also considering the investment that is made. Yes, I now trickle to men who are tempted to give a ring for the upcoming holiday season. You know where to start? You have the right ideas? Here are some tips I can give you and allow you to avoid mistakes.

How to choose the perfect ring to give away

First of all ask yourself if your girlfriend can be Popularity as a gift or if you prefer another type of jewel. For example, a tennis bracelet, a necklace or pair of earrings. Bring to a finger ring to reciprocate the gift given is definitely not good. We must always make sure of the tastes and of any kind to buy.
The market offers many types of rings. From the classic solitaire with a stone set with some brands. The trilogy, another ring symbolizing the union between two people. To move on to more specific models like the band rings or engagement rings with diamonds.
Never get one rated at random trying to save too much on the price. The gift must however take into account that this is a valuable with one or more stones and certainly the quality of the stone will make a difference by influencing the final price.

Quality above everything.

To make sure your ring is not poor by the qualitative point of view I recommend you to be delivered, at the time of purchase, a certificate stating the product warranty and expose briefly the characteristics of the stone used.
Usually it pays great attention to the so-called “four C’s” that match clarity, carat, color and cut. This last point in particular is crucial. If well executed, it allows for optimal refraction of light creating a very attractive visual effect.

Anello solitario Floris Diamanti - Solitaire ring with brilliant by Floris Diamanti.

A brief review of the main types of rings

Remember to have in mind the most suitable type of ring. Precious stones are varied by type and allow to meet the most particular tastes.

Ring with sapphire

Anello con zaffiri Floris Diamanti - Ring with two sapphires and three brilliant files by Floris Diamanti.

It ‘very interesting as a gift. It can be found in different colors. From the classic blue, to orange and the darker blue. The nuances that can have this type of ring are varied and allow the very characteristic light displays.

Ring with emerald

Anello trilogy con smeraldi Floris Diamanti - Trilogy ring with three emeralds and contour of brilliant by Floris Diamanti.

It is a winning choice often used mainly by young couples as an alternative to the classic engagement record. The intense green color of this ring, brilliant and deep, is even more enhanced by the rectangular cut with which it is realized the stone.

Ruby ring

Anello con rubino Floris Diamanti - White gold ring with oval ruby by Floris Diamanti.

And ‘an increasingly significant dall’appeal choice. The deep red color that fascinates entire generations of women and, although we are talking about a definitely expensive ring, its purchase will not make you look bad.

All this without forgetting the presence of other precious stones that allow you to customize your ring with innovative choices. Why not buy one with opal or, why not, with the tanzanite, a rare and precious stone that is extracted only in specific areas of the Earth?

Floris Diamanti for your most beautiful ring as a gift

Finally, something to which we must pay attention to is, undoubtedly, the expenditure that we are going to deal with. It is not necessary to spend a fortune to buy a ring. If they lack the money for the things that really matter, and in this case definitely would not like your girlfriend. This is why you should always look for the right value for money, which unfortunately is not found in all jewelers. To entrust to a secure online actually rely, I recommend the Floris Diamanti store. It has access to a huge selection of rings with diamonds or other stones at excellent rates. Low price does not mean low quality. Every precious is accompanied by gemological analysis that certifies the physical and qualitative characteristics. A guarantee for those who want to buy a jewel of value. If purchased online, then there must at all frightening. For this reality speaks the solid reputation built with loyal clientele in over 30 years of work.

In short, dear men, what are you still waiting for? This Christmas give away a ring Diamonds Floris to your companion and I assure you it will be forever.

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Idu Emeziem 14.12.2016 - 22:18

Best Christmas gift to that special girl. Great tips! Hope your week has been great Luna.



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