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The new FOREO UFO 2 device was launched in April 2020 and from the beginning of May I can well say how much it has become the right arm (often the left because I’m left-handed) of my skincare. For those who don’t know it yet, it is a beauty-tech product that allows you to apply fabric face masks in combination with a complete treatment of cryotherapy, thermotherapy and LED lights. After trying practically all FOREO face masks, I couldn’t help but test two of the latest news. The rose water mask and the cannabis one are much more particular and curious. Let’s find out together by revealing all the tricks and my personal secrets on how to use FOREO UFO 2 to the fullest.

FOREO UFO 2 features and functionality

Before getting to know the new FOREO face masks, let’s recap for a moment the main features and functionalities of the FORO UFO 2 device in order to understand what I’m talking about if the previous complete review had escaped. UFO, which stands for Ur Future Obsession, simplifies the application of traditional fabric masks by enriching them with a complete facial treatment in 90 seconds. How does he do it? Thanks to all the following features that distinguish it:

  • It can be used by connecting it via Bluetooth to our smartphone. Through the FOREO app, the specific treatment is automatically started in conjunction with the fabric face mask.
  • It is used in combination with FOREO face masks.
  • The T-Sonic ™ pulsations allow for a comfortable and relaxing facial massage.
  • With thermotherapy (heating) the action of heat dilates the pores allowing better absorption of the active ingredients contained in the smart-mask.
  • With cryotherapy (cooling), it infuses the active ingredients by firming the skin.
  • Thanks to 8 LED light phototherapy it performs a specific treating action. Orange light revitalizes, blue soothes, white tightens, blue prevents imperfections, yellow reduces redness, anti-aging red, illuminating and invigorating green, illuminating and anti-aging purple.
  • It is made of silicone and totally waterproof.

New face masks for FOREO UFO 2: Bulgarian Rose & Cannabis Seed Oil

Recensione nuove maschere viso FOREO.

All FOREO face masks are presented as micro-fiber discs equipped with a tab that allows them to be easily fixed on the UFO device. They are soaked in serums and active ingredients with the same characteristics as the famous and much desired Korean masks. They are also free from the typical harmful substances found in the most common fabric masks such as phenoxyethanol, parabens and silicones. Each smart-mask is combined with a specific treatment and I must admit that so far I have liked them all very much. Impeccably moisturizing and soothing, especially having tested them during the summer when my face is particularly stressed in the sun, salt and sweat. Let’s see now what characterizes two of the latest news.

Bulgarian Rose smart-mask

FOREO face masks Bulgarian Rose.

Dermatologically tested, suitable for all skin types and absolutely cruelty free, as well as biodegradable, the Bulgarian Rose is the perfect face mask when you have dry skin. Its main ingredients (rose water, Bulgarian Rose and Jojoba seed oil) have a refreshing, moisturizing and illuminating action, greatly improving the appearance of dry and dull skin. The three-step UFO treatment to which it is combined is divided as follows:

  • First 30 seconds. Therapeutic heating with red LED to prepare the skin to absorb all the active ingredients of the mask.
  • Next 60 seconds. Cryotherapy cooling with green LED plus T-Sonic ™ pulses for a refreshing and hydrating massage.
  • Last 30 seconds. Green LED cryotherapy cooling plus reduced T-Sonic ™ pulses to soothe and even out skin tone.

Trucchi e segreti su come utilizzare al meglio le maschere viso FOREO.

Cannabis Seed Oil smart-mask

FOREO face masks Cannabis Seed Oil.

Like the previous one, the Cannabis Seed Oil mask is suitable for all skin types, biodegradable, cruelty free, dermatologically tested and formulated with the best natural ingredients. It is ideal for soothing and relieving reddened, irritated and particularly stressed skin. In addition to Chamomile flower extract (soothing and anti-inflammatory) and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (antioxidant derived from vitamin C and purifying) it is the main ingredient that makes it so special. Sativa Hemp Seed Oil which, thanks to its emollient, smoothing and moisturizing properties, helps the skin to counteract the daily aggressions of external agents without blocking the pores and contributing to the regular production of sebum by purifying the skin.

The perfect treatment for stressed skin

New FOREO face masks Cannabis Seed Oil.

I must admit, of all the classic and new FOREO face masks this is the one that intrigued and impressed me the most. It will be for the main ingredient, how to say, a little out of the ordinary and unfortunately still too often considered for something else, it will be because I am in a somewhat stressful period of big changes and therefore my skin was in absolute need. The fact is that the Cannabis Seed Oil smart-mask treatment has literally won me over.

The treatment is divided into three steps for a total duration of 2 minutes:

  1. Low frequency T-Sonic ™ pulse and green LED for 30 seconds. They even out the complexion, preparing the skin to absorb all the ingredients of the tissue mask.
  2. Increased T-Sonic ™ pulse and cryotherapy cooling with blue LED for 60 seconds. They calm and deeply moisturize, reducing inflammation and giving relief.
  3. Cryotherapy cooling with blue LED and decreased T-Sonic ™ pulse for 30 seconds. They soothe and firm the skin of the face with a gentle massage.

Personal tips and tricks on how to best use FOREO face masks

Being a person who gets bored easily, with little patience and no desire to spread creams, oils and the like for endless minutes waiting to be absorbed, the beauty of FOREO UFO 2 is certainly its practicality and speed. After 5 months of use I can say that I have finally found a product that has helped me to be more frequent and diligent in my skincare routine.
I liked it from the first use and I noticed that by applying one of the moisturizing smart-masks in the morning I can safely avoid applying other face products until the next day. In short, a dream!
I have always gone crazy because I thought I had difficult skin but with FOREO UFO 2 I realized that perhaps the skin is not the problem but the type of treatment. For the skin on my face this is apparently the perfect way to operate. In fact, now I definitely have a much more compact and uniform skin.
Having said that, I must also admit that I do not follow all the rules of use to the letter. I have often done my own way without seeing any difference in results.

More than a floppy use

Officially it is said that each disk is disposable. It therefore provides for a single treatment and then should be thrown away. Now, since after the two minutes of use, several FOREO face masks are still well soaked, I tried to put them back in their packaging by closing it with cling film. In this way I prevented all the active ingredients from evaporating and I was able to reuse them the next day. I have done it several times and have not encountered any problems so when they are still good product soups in my opinion they can be reused for a second time.

Use FOROEO UFO 2 on other parts of the body

If we pay attention to the path of some treatments we realize how similar they are to those of the beauty centers used on other parts of the body. Yes, I tried. Do you have some orange peel pads on the upper outer part of the legs? Here, after having spread a specific cream on the legs, I used the T-Sonic ™ pulsations to massage them correctly and make the product absorb better. I can’t ascertain that it affected but I think it did him good. Therefore I really believe that FOREO UFO 2 can also be used without a smart mask and on other parts of the body.

Use with other products

Come utilizzare FOREO UFO con altri prodotti di bellezza.

One morning I got the bright idea of testing FOREO UFO 2 in combination with FOREO Micro-Foam Cleanser. It is not a smart-mask but a creamy cleanser to remove impurities and nourish the skin. I moistened my face, applied the cleanser and with the UFO device I massaged using the T-Sonic ™ pulsations. The skin was not only nourished and thoroughly cleansed but also beautifully regenerated thanks to the facial massage. Therefore I firmly believe that if we understand well what each feature of the device is for, we can safely use it for complete personal care.

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