Four alternative experiences to live in Venice

by fashionsnobber

Venice is a city known throughout the world and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in our country. Thanks also to the immense charm and artistic beauties that it contains like the Grand Canal, Palazzo Ducale or Piazza San Marco. But Venice really isn’t just that. It is in fact a city capable of giving its visitors unique experiences, in places that are probably less obvious, but no less interesting than the most popular routes. Let’s find out some.

Venice: 4 alternative destinations all to live

The Casino Venier

Casino Venier Venice.


One of the oldest 118 casinos surrounding Piazza San Marco, the Casino Venier has been preserved almost intact, and offers visitors the chance to participate in film festivals and various very interesting cultural initiatives. Located between Rialto and San Marco in a richly furnished and decorated mezzanine. It guaranteed privacy to its guests thanks to a peephole placed on the floor of the entrance hall which allowed to look at the entrance door from above and frame anyone who knocked. Useful in providing a chance to escape.

Discover the islands of Giudecca and San Lazzaro degli Armeni

4 esperienze da vivere a Venezia.


Not as famous as the two islands of decorated glass and lace, Murano and Burano, the Giudecca islands offer visitors who arrive on the third Sunday of July, a really interesting experience. It is the Feast of the Redeemer, which Venice celebrates on the Giudecca with as much fervor as the one admirable at San Marco to commemorate the end of the plague, with fireworks that begin the night before. In San Lazzaro degli Armeni there is a monastery that contains the largest archive of Armenian culture. State object of study also by Lord Byron. For those who want to see something unique and out of the ordinary in the lagoon city it is a must-see stop.

Attend a show at the Fenice

La Fenice Theater Venice.


Entirely burned by a criminal hand, the Teatro La Fenice in Venice has been rebuilt in respect of the original style of the one built by Antonio Selva in 1790. Culture center of the ‘700 Enlightenment and meeting point of the promoters of ideas for reform. It was actually already burned in 1836 and hosted great musicians like Rossini, Bellini and Verdi. Even today his stage activity is of the highest level and recognized throughout the national territory. Watching a show is an unforgettable experience, but if you decide to do it you must also remember to get prepared and bring elegant clothes and bags to be at the height of the event. So, to participate in the evenings, the ladies must wear the long dress and a ceremony clutch suitable for the occasion, while for men, the elegant dress is a must.

Take an aperitif at the Bacari

4 esperienze imperdibili da fare a Venezia.


In Venice, being “a shadow” in company is a ritual that involves all Venetians of any age and sex. A glass of wine, that is a shadow, here has the same value as coffee. You can drink it anywhere, even if the places traditionally suited to cicchetti are the Bacari. The Bacari are small bistros halfway between the tavern and the meeting place, where it is possible to take a break from work or study during the day and drink a good glass of wine accompanied by some snacks. Very characteristic places, possible to visit also taking advantage of a Bacari tour.

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