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Nowadays, working with the internet has become essential for every business. Whether you want to become a professional blogger or as a company, expand your online visibility and reputation, among the many professionals to cover, or to rely on, that of the freelance Web Content Editor is essential. Quite different from a simple copywriter, more complete than the web content creator and often close to the SEO specialist copywriter, it is necessary to improve one’s level of web communication. Before deepening the knowledge, however, it is necessary to clarify all these professions of web writers.

Difference between Copywriter, SEO Copywriter, Web Content Creator and Web Content Editor

Web Content Editor: who he is, what he does and how he works.


In recent years, many professionals have been born regarding writing on the web and often lead to a little confusion between them. In reality, each of them has very different characteristics, skills and distinctive tasks.

  • Copywriter. Defined as the artist of words, he writes texts mainly for advertising. He does not only work on the web and deals with 360 ° advertising campaigns. In practice, contrary to popular belief, he is not required to know how to write entire articles for the web.
  • SEO copywriter. Thanks to his high SEO skills he writes optimized texts to climb the SERP of search engines. For example, if you want a content to appear among the first results on Google, you rely on him.
  • Web content creator or web writer. Web article writer knows how to engage the largest number of readers by generating traffic to a particular post. Knowing the target audience well, it creates ad hoc content using specific types of language.
  • Web content editor or web editor. In addition to writing articles for the web that are considered Google friendly, she manages, organizes and designs them entirely with a real communication strategy.

From all this it can be deduced that the web editor is certainly the most complete professional figure. If he also specializes in SEO copy, he becomes one of the most requested to work on the web. From the main characteristics of both it is clear that the job of web editor is more creative while that of the SEO specialist more technical but both absolutely essential to make a content to be published online work well. It is no coincidence that the term SEO copywriter so hated by SEO gurus has been coined. Now let’s see in detail who a web content editor is, what he does and how exactly he works.

Who is a Web Content Editor

In short, the freelance web content editor is a professional figure capable of communicating and writing for the web. Not everyone knows that for example the type of writing suitable for paper is very different from that for the internet. In the first case it may be enough to reach the desired target of users, in the second, in addition to this, you must also “like” the search engines. Basically, a good web editor knows how to create original and quality content for their target type by finding the right balance between creativity that captivates the user and specific knowledge of how to be found on the web with content optimized for search engines. At the base there is obviously a strong ability to write flawlessly. Grammar, vocabulary and syntax have no secrets other than having great clarity and excellent fluidity.

What a Web Editor does

In the collective imagination, a web editor is a creative person who knows how to write high quality texts. Sure, but that’s not all it does. A good web content editor manages, organizes and plans through precise steps.

  1. Identify your goals and target. Studying the client, he understands both the mission and the vision plus the target audience. Essential information to understand who and how to contact through his texts.
  2. Analyze competitors. By checking how they move and what themes they deal with, he plans how to present or deepen a given topic rather than another.
  3. Develop a content strategy. Through a well-structured editorial plan similar to the customer’s needs.
  4. Produce high quality content. Original, relevant, which search engines like and reflect the client’s goal and project.
  5. Enhance the message through various communication channels. From blog to newsletter to social networks. Thus creates a channel of information and links that know how to tell the customer.

How an internet publisher works

To be able to write high quality content often the web editor must necessarily know how to use different tools. First of all, the main CMS (Content Management system) WordPress. Then he must be able to find and select the right keywords (keywords) to be included in his texts thanks to special tools (ex. Google Trends). Know at least what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is and how to write effective text optimized for search engines. He must also know the basics of HTML and CSS, know how to manage and program any type of article in a blog. Finally, a good web content editor can also make use of useful web design knowledge in order to best present their content. In short, he not only knows how to write well but is in the middle between communication and IT skills.

Skills of a Web Content Editor

In summary, a good web editor must be able to:

  • Identify the client’s objectives and targets
  • Analyze competitors
  • Develop an editorial plan
  • How to write in correct Italian
  • Knowing how to use the main CMS, WordPress
  • Know at least the basics of HTML and CSS
  • Know how to write SEO oriented texts
  • How to do keyword research
  • Know the dynamics of the main social networks
  • Knowing how to write and set up a newsletter
  • Be punctual in deliveries

With a final parenthesis on honesty. In fact, in my opinion, a professional and serious freelance web content editor also knows which topics to undertake or not because perhaps too far from their skills. A bit as if I agree to write about machines on which I do not understand anything.

How to become an internet publisher

I do not question that to reach this profession humanistic studies such as Communication Sciences are an excellent starting point. But, to be honest, when it comes to working on the web, there is nothing better than practice in the field. Obviously you need perseverance, dedication and the desire to gain a lot of experience. Training is essential as in any sector and fortunately being an online job it is always online that you can find many resources to learn. From specific courses on creative writing to thematic blogs that teach how to do SEO.
The only required step is to start by opening and managing your own blog. In this way you will be able to show off all your skills and competences by making us noticed and attracting potential customers. Later you can ask to write guest posts for other bloggers up to collaborating with online newspapers.
In this work, being self-taught is not a bad thing, on the contrary, often and willingly it is precisely what makes the difference.

Where a web editor works

The freelance web content editor does not work in a specific place or sector as much as for companies or individuals who want to gain a good online reputation through their web space. In this way they can attract new potential customers and in fact nowadays there are more and more companies that ask for the help of this digital professional. By planning a communication aimed at enriching a company’s offer and using the most suitable technical tools, they are able to address specific targets and in the most efficient way possible, enhancing the customer’s message.

What can I do for you

Since 2015 I have been managing and creating content for companies and individuals as a freelance web content editor and SEO copywriter. With the Fashion Snobber blog I reached several articles positioned in the first 8 results on the front page and as many in zero position on Google (the snippers in the foreground). If you are looking for someone who takes care of your web content professionally I can help you like:

  • SEO copywriter. Writing from scratch articles considered “Google friendly” and “SEO oriented” to improve your online reputation. They can be informative, advertising, reviews, etc. to be published in yours (with my signature and link) or in my web space.
  • Proof-reader. I correct the draft of any text in order to improve it. I eliminate any errors to make it more readable to users and optimized for search engines.
  • Ghostwriter. Writing from scratch blog posts on commission, totally transferring authorship and rights to the customer who can pass them off as his.

Request a free quote by writing directly to or by filling out the form below.

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