10 gift ideas for fashion bloggers and more

by fashionsnobber

Christmas is coming. The race for gifts has begun and we would always like to find the right idea to make relatives and friends happy. Being primarily a fashion blogger I have pretty clear ideas on the subject. No, the best gifts to which I would aspire are not the classic clothing or accessories. I would definitely say something useful about my daily activity. The following 10 gift ideas for bloggers are perfect for both men and women and whatever the topic covered in their blog.

10 gift ideas for bloggers

Let’s start with the assumption that making a gift is generally synonymous with usefulness. Or at least look for an article that has to do with the main passion or the work of the recipient that can be used as much as possible and not end up in a forgotten or recycled drawer the next Christmas. That being said, here are the most useful and best gift ideas for bloggers.

Gift Card

Gift Card.

There are various types, from fashion to travel, even to do the shopping. Perfect for expanding and letting the recipient choose how to use them, avoiding duplication or articles of the brand that might not like, for example. A fashion blogger, at least you can’t give her a Kelly or a 2.55 is very difficult to please in clothing so it’s better to let her choose not?

Magazine Subscription

Christmas gift idea.

One of the bases from which any blogger draws to get an idea of an article or take inspiration. Whether it’s a fashion magazine, a kitchen magazine, a photo magazine or a newspaper. Giving the possibility of never losing a number and having it delivered to your home is a unique comfort for everyone and well appreciated as a gift for bloggers.



With technology, you never keep up. There is always the last release that has that little bit extra and will always be a super welcome gift for any ubiquitous blogger on social media.

Digital Camera

Christmas blogger gift idea.

Without good photos a blog makes no sense to exist and if they are original made directly by us it is even better. Compact or semi-professional it is an indispensable article for any self-respecting blogger. Do you already have it? In the field of photography, accessories such as easels, lights, filters, etc. can be an excellent gift alternative for bloggers, always useful and appreciated.


Fashion blogger useful books.

Without studying well, a specific topic is not going anywhere. A good book that speaks at 360° about a topic is always a good and right thing for a gift. Maybe even a technician on SEO or social media marketing. You should never finish learning that extra something that can make the difference to create a perfect post.

Custom gadget

Blogger gift ideas.

Any blogger loves to see his logo imprinted everywhere. It’s gratifying and you can easily spam in countless photos to get publicity. Better if on a t-shirt to always show off, a ubiquitous cup for liters of coffee or tea in front of the PC or directly on a nice cover for the smartphone. A great gift for personalized bloggers.

Business cards

Personalized business cards.

A respectable blogger must have his own personalized business cards. If they are double-sided it is better and the new MiniCard typology is now very popular.

Blog template

Fashion professional blog template.

A new template for the blog is always a pleasure, renewing the image from time to time is not bad and we all know how much the paid ones are the best. Essential credentials: must be responsive, good for translations, contain sliders and must have all possible and unimaginable social connections.


Blogger Agenda.

A gift idea for bloggers can also be a good agenda. Important that it lends itself to the weekly planner to organize the editorial plan of the blog, collaborations and events. It serves and will always serve to not fill up with post-it anywhere. We maintain the order in which we spend our days creating, chaos and disorganization generate the writer’s block to go go.

Language course

Foreign language course.

I am the first to use it, I admit. A good course in English or any other language we know about many readers is a sensible and useful gift for many bloggers who want to get well even outside Italy.

Finally. Technically. It is assumed that a fixed or portable PC is already there but in the case it is always a nice gift that can surprise anyone. If Apple much better.
Do you have any other gift ideas for bloggers or future bloggers? Suggest, suggest.

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