Gloves and masks: inevitable post Covid outfit accessories

by fashionsnobber

Edited by: Fiorella Annunziata.
Yes, gloves and masks will be our best accessories in the outfits that we will create post Covid. Aided by the Government provisions that oblige us to wear them, we should begin to think of them as incorporated elements of our daily clothing. Having no choice, we might as well make them our own, gain confidence and begin to… customize them by interpreting them within a suitable look that can tell us anyway.
After two months of quarantine we will find ourselves different and the way we dress and live shopping will also change a lot. In China, for example, after Covid there was the phenomenon called Revenge Shopping and an unbridled search to satisfy previous deprivations. In Italy we will see, but we will certainly try to express, through our style choices, all the desire to start over, together with that of continuing to protect ourselves.

Gloves and masks as personalized accessories in post Covid looks

How to customize surgical mask.

As we said at the beginning, given the government provisions, gloves and masks will become natural and discounted accessories such as nail polish or belts. It therefore becomes necessary to understand how to make them talk about us and to help us support the situation. Many fashion brands have turned their traditional production towards the creation of these accessories precisely to support the health and the Italian people. You can then choose the masks of our favorite brand or even free your imagination by personally retouching the more neutral and perhaps a little boring ones. For example, Luna chooses to color her masks with markers and I find it a therapeutic gesture as well as beautiful. Embellishing an element symbol of a negative situation and being able to combine it with our post-Covid outfits will undoubtedly help us to face the next few times with a great face!

Comfort and protection in a post Covid outfit

Guanti e mascherine nuovi accessori outfit indispensabili per affrontare il Coronavirus.

Luna confided to me that she thought this look exactly as she would like to dress once the lock-down is finished. I find it very appropriate both in terms of combinations and emotional expression.
Let’s analyze this post Covid outfit with gloves and masks, to better understand, starting from the top and that is from the shirt.
The main features that express the character of the garment are the color and shape of the sleeves. White, in fact, in addition to recalling purity, also recalls the world of healthcare. The uniform of doctors and nurses, for example, our current heroes who fight the virus at the forefront. It is an unconscious recognition of these figures and a choice taken with pride.
The sleeves are huge and puffy. They recall a part of the medieval armor, called “shoulder strap“. The call to armor serves us to support attacks, to defend ourselves or to feel defended.
Last element of the upper part is the eye makeup. Ok, it’s not clothing, but it is a detail that helps us to express ourselves therefore worthy of relevance.
Luna has chosen to make the look, the only exposed part of the face, deeper with the help of a clear iridescent pencil in the lower rhyme of the eye. I approve!
The lower part of the outfit is jeans, so an evergreen, but be careful, it is one of the comfortable ones! In fact, the model is called slouchy and is characterized by a high waist and a wide leg. Practicality and comfort in one piece.
The shoes instead are ankle boots with heels and a V-neckline that lengthens the ankle. In fact, there will be the desire and the need to feel up to the situation!
The Louis Vuitton Never Full bag is capacious and practical, ready to contain tissues, sanitizers and all the other accessories that in addition to gloves and masks will be part of the post Covid outfits.

Come indossare guanti e mascherine nella vita di tutti i giorni.

How to wear anti Coronavirus gloves and masks in an outfit.

Outfit gloves and masks. White shirt and slouchy jeans.

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