Grace Kelly: life, career and his timeless style

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Let’s go back to telling you about my greatest style icons and paying tribute to them with an entire article on the day when they were going to be years old. Today we talk about Grace Kelly, an actress who has become princess and of her timeless style.

Grace Patricia Kelly

Grace Patricia Kelly.

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 12, 1929. Daughter third daughter of one of the most important families in the city. Grace Kelly he was very Catholic education and sports (especially loved skiing). In fact, in addition to the mother who was the first teacher of physical education at University of Pennsylvania his father and brother were winners in rowing discipline several medals at the Olympics.
Although the family was not well with his dream of becoming an actress Grace at the age of 22 years got his first part in the film 14th Hour. From there the succession of roles in numerous films was inexorable.


Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier had three children. Princesses Margaret and Stéphanie Maria Luisa Carolina Elizabeth and Prince Albert Alessandro Luigi Pietro momentarily reigning prince of Monaco as Albert II of Monaco.
His female offspring has always remained at the top of the charts beauty and style. We all know the impeccable styles of Stéphanie, Carolina and her daughter Charlotte Casiraghi. We must say, in the Principality of Monaco the class is not water but direct blood with one of the most popular princesses and imitated of all time.
The September 13, 1982 Grace had a car accident along with Stéphanie daughter. Driving his car because of a sudden illness lost control and for the severe brain hemorrhage died in the night while her daughter was saved.
In the same period after 26 years of its abandonment by the scenes the princess had also started to work for a new movie. Rearranged by Robert Dornhelm of which had already been filmed much of it was left unfinished and never disclosed at the behest of Prince Rainier.

Grace Kelly.


In 1955 Grace Kelly he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in The Country Girl. And, perhaps, he not even imagined that the year following the musical comedy High Society, 1956 would have been his choice for his latest film. In fact, after her marriage to Prince Rainier III of Monaco Grace he decided to devote himself to his role as Princess and Mom despite the scripts continue to reach her. Li refused all. Including the lead role in Hitchcock’s Marnie.

Filmografia completa Grace Kelly.

You should know that at the time the Principality of Monaco without a direct heir would pass into the hands of France and why Ranieri chose her as his bride. Grace Kelly in fact saved the Principality of Monaco making it a world-renowned Monte Carlo place and the ideal location for great holidays and entertainment areas by all.


Grace Kelly is and will always be one of the most beautiful actresses appeared on the screen. Her innate class, its elegance, its refined style and impeccable have made it an undisputed icon.
No one will ever forget her wonderful wedding dress. Made from the scene designer of his latest film and still great today a source of inspiration for the brand and brides among which that of Kate Middletone extremely similar to that of Princess Grace. His marriage did anyone dream and entered in the history of law.

Grace Kelly wedding dress.

Unforgettable also her evening dresses and his casual look. Coats in solid colors, ladylike outfits with skirts or pants to Capri. light dresses that were perfectly valorized its must. Grace Kelly always perfect and never vulgar. only he made her look thanks to the right accessories at the right time. By sunglasses or eyeglasses. The wide-brimmed hats whom he loved until his indispensable scarves knotted in their hair or neck. Ending with her bags, ballet flats and often of espadrilles. It won the class and just the right casual chic union to which many aspire. It not coincidentally was dedicated one of the It-Bag for excellence. The Hermès Kelly.

Grace Kelly style.

I hope to have made a gift of hope that women like her there may still be many and that his style is not really sunsets ever.
What do you think? You like Grace Kelly?

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editalozovska 17.11.2015 - 9:39

Such a icon… I adore her style :)

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She is absolutely stunning, thanks for sharing!


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Great post!
Have a nice evening!
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Grace kelly is inspiring. Great blog you have, stay inspired!

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valearizzi 13.11.2015 - 16:16

Tu le assomigli pure un po’! Comunque abbiamo le stesse icone di stile!! Baci,
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