Granelloso, the jewels that are born from the sea

by fashionsnobber

The sea, that huge, infinite, expanse of salt water capable of enchanting anyone. With all his stories, his poems and his magic. The sea, just him, from which a lot of ideas start and from which the creations of Granelloso Jewels are born. Jewels with minimal charme, strictly Made in Italy, and that, yes, they start to tell about themselves from a little grain of sand…

Granelloso jewels, a riot of elegance, quality and tradition

I like to think of them as given by a wave while I was walking on the shore. Attracted by a strange twinkle I found them there waiting for me. Fallen by mistake from the hands of their creator in those of Versilia and arrived up to me transported by the current. No, I’m not biased, but what can I do if the best brands I find them all in Tuscany? And ‘that there is just a unique craftsmanship impossible to not recognize or not appreciate. Granelloso is a new brand of Made in Italy jewels whose collections are characterized by a minimal and elegant design, a refined quality of materials and impeccable manual workmanship to tenths of a millimeter. They are jewels that know Tuscany, Versilia and the sea. Just think of the wood carried by the currents, the famous marble of those areas and the shine of sand formed by endless grains. Add everything, mix it with a lot of passion, good taste, creativity and here they are ready to tell us in a unique jewel to wear on the wrist, neck or finger. Or all together for a chic and sophisticated set.

GRANELLOSO gioielli di moda - Fashion jewelry GRANELLOSO.

But now we discover the whole collection a little more in detail.

Posidonia Necklace

Posidonia necklace Granelloso Jewels.

The Posidonia necklace is made of fine 16k gold-plated brass chain and a unique point of light in marbled white stone. Lobster clasp and available in yellow, pink and white gold. Of a sensational chic.

Marmoris Bracelet

Marmoris bracelet Granelloso Jewels.

The Marmoris bracelet is made of elastic thread and beads in antiqued silver, wood and marbled stone. It is the very first creation of the brand and in my opinion it will be very popular in the summer. Perfect for both men and women.

Fluctus Ring

Fluctus ring Granelloso Jewels.

The Fluctus ring is made of 16k gold-plated silver with marbled stone. Available in yellow, pink and white gold. It makes me crazy that the stone rotates inside its embedding and for me it has become like a little anti stress game.

All Granelloso jewels are supplied in their brown velvet pouche, they are handmade and for this unique pieces never the same. A collection suitable for all women looking for new trends, lovers of natural materials and who want to wear that Italian elegance made of quality, traditions and pure craftsmanship. So why do I recommend choosing Granelloso jewels? Because by quoting the words of their designer “… they reflect the character of every woman, the courage to believe in their own ideas and the determination to realize them, all with a touch of madness“. And yes, I’m just like that, and you?

Granelloso, the jewels that are born from the sea.

Granelloso Jewels Collection.

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