Hair curls: like having perfect waves without going crazy

by fashionsnobber

Is every hedgehog a whim? Maybe, and I’ve been fighting for years since I was a child. I have always had hair curls, frizzy and rebellious that is impossible to tame and keep in order. Over time, however, I have learned to live with them and to love them, discovering how to take care of curls in the best way.

Hair curls: all the secrets to having beautiful waves without going crazy

All the secrets of hair curls.

Whoever has hair curls wants it straight and whoever has straight hair wants it curly. It is a story already heard, but even when we are happy with our hair we sometimes like to upset the hair with a breath of fresh air. Curly hair, besides being a trend of the moment, immediately gives a fresh and casual look. But how can you make them happen? Just follow these practical tips to get a curly and lively hair without running into disappointing attempts.

My solution for taming rebellious curls

Let’s face it, every woman wants a successful final result and would gladly give up frustrating tests and try again to get an impeccable hair curls. If we have curly or wavy hair, and we don’t want to give up a bit of madness, starting with drying, here are the two fundamental steps to follow to create curly gentlemen.

  1. Dab the hair to remove moisture: as explained in a previous article dedicated to curly hair, using the hair dryer on soaked hair will damage it.
  2. Use the diffuser: when you switch to drying, the diffuser should always be chosen. The heat jet of the hair dryer must be at least a palm from the head and the natural direction of the hair must be followed.

The right products for curl care

Come prendersi cura dei capelli riccioli naturali.

Using the hair dryer correctly is not enough for an impeccable result. Choosing quality products is equally important. Either to get a curly fold on a specific occasion, or for everyday use. The products preserve the health of the hair from the continuous use of straighteners and curling irons, atmospheric agents and stress.
To fix our hairstyle longer, we need to use the right products. There are really many on the market for each type of hair or desired effect, but we often do not know if the application of the product we are carrying out is correct. However, it is very easy to find information online. For example, has an entire online section where it is explained how to make hair curls thanks to the use of specific products. In this way it will be possible to have healthy and strong hair which is the basis of a shiny hair.
Identified the allies for the fold, here’s how to proceed.

The 3 best methods for making hair curls

There are various ways to create beautiful healthy and voluminous hair curls, each of which gives a different look. Below I have reported the 3 most effective methods to tame frizz and define natural waves.

The braids

The use of braids gives soft waves and a natural effect. We can make a single braid or more braids to get smaller waves. The ideal is to braid the hair from damp, after applying the styling product, and then proceed with drying with a diffuser. Leaving the hair braided for a whole night the effect will be WOW.

The curlers

If instead we want more defined hair curls the curlers are perfect. We must divide the damp hair into strands, roll them individually on the curlers starting from the tips to the root where they will be fixed with goose beaks or hairpins. The type of curl will depend on the size of the curlers and locks. For example, curlers and small locks will create tight and defined curls. The ideal drying is always the classic one with the diffuser.

The socks technique

Finally, a really curious and surprising technique to try to believe is that of socks. Let’s take old socks (yes, them!) And cut them vertically in the center. The hair divided into strands should be inserted into the holes and the socks positioned on the tips to wrap them up to the roots. To get superb hair curls you have to leave on for a night.

Now that we know all the secrets to get perfect waves, hair curls will no longer be a problem. Good styling for everyone!

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