How to behave at the hairdresser to have the desired effect

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When we decide to go to a hair beauty salon we usually want to take care of us and our appearance. Sometimes simply to take care of our hair, sometimes for a sudden change of look inherent in an evolution of ourselves or a simple monotony that we want to revolutionize. In fact, it is necessary to understand how to behave at the hairdresser by finding out what rules and tips to respect in order not to find yourself crying once you have returned home and having them washed and dried yourself.

The 5 truths about hairdressers

Before starting to understand how to behave at the hairdresser to obtain the desired cut or color, we must accept the 5 truths that we will come across forever. Obviously for any type of restyling it is necessary to speak in advance with our coiffeur and let him know what we intend to achieve. Never change your mind during or after.

  1. Needless to take the photo of a VIP with the conviction and the claim make us become identical. It’s impossible. We do not have the same face, our hair will never fall in the same way and will not have the same shade of color perceived by an image. Will get a similar but not the same hairstyle.
  2. We accept the “snack” knowing that it will never be. When we give there at least 5 cm of hair we will see them fall to the ground. Strength and courage.
  3. At home there will never be a fold like when we go out to the hairdresser. No, not even when they explain how to make or buying their products. They are professionals, it is their job and not ours.
  4. If we find the perfect hairdresser, we never change it. Just one session from another and we will find ourselves wanting to buy a wig out of desperation. They don’t all have the same manual skills, they have different techniques and above all they don’t know us so well from respecting our needs.
  5. Those with curls want them straight and vice versa. Fact that will not change over time. We take advantage of the hairdresser to fulfill our desire but at home we don’t massacre our hair with the constant use of straighteners. Let’s use them with caution from time to time and accept as mother nature has made them, so they are always in fashion both straight and curly, both long and short.

Good taste at the hairdresser

Maybe over 30 we avoid requests for manga colors and half-shaved and half-long heads. We are not really stars like Lady Gaga or Rihanna and the red carpets or the stages to make a scene are not part of our lives.
Let’s also say a nice NO sound to smooth fringes with the rest of wavy or curly hair which, how to say, doesn’t really make sense. Or all smooth or all curly.
Finally, we do not use our children as dolls by subjecting them to the worst treatments at an unsuitable age. They will have plenty of time to do what they want during their teenage years. Chemicals are bad for us, let alone them. Having said that, let’s move on to the 10 rules of good manners on how to behave as a hairdresser because with education and respect for the work of others, you are always right. Yes, even in the case of committing a murder if we don’t like each other. ;)

How to behave at the hairdresser: 10 rules of good manners

  1. When you have an appointment in case of delay always notify in time so as not to overlap the next work and allow the hairdresser to pass to the customer after us. They will be grateful to us.
  2. Let’s not introduce ourselves with dirty hair that looks like a scarecrow. They impress everyone and the “I had to come here so much” lessens our spirits but not that of those who have to get their hands on them.
  3. Never rush. We know very well what we must do and the estimated time, so this disrespectful observation that can harm the success of the work is to be avoided. Things done quickly are always bad and here we talk about our head.
  4. Stand still as much as possible. If we move and get wet or stain with somewhere some color we cannot claim it is the fault of the hairdresser.
  5. Don’t speak by screaming and waving our facts. In addition to being rude then do not complain if we will be on everyone’s lips. We will only contribute to making hairdressers the best place for gossip.
  6. We lower the ringtone of the smartphone and if they call us we do not scream and we are short. Same reasons as above. Saying that we will call back is always the best choice.
  7. Don’t speak badly of the other hairdressers so much the result with which we presented ourselves speaks for itself.
  8. Don’t take the hairdresser to a psychologist. He takes care of our hair, not our mind in the throes of momentary neuroses.
  9. Do not avoid the new entry of the salon. Ok it’s new, but what they let her do is because she can do it.
  10. Always thank after work. Yes, even if they made a mistake, the damage is done now and we know that we will never set foot in there again.

To conclude, after having bored you with all these notions on how to behave at the hairdresser, it seems right to leave some nice inspiration found on the net. You never know there is the desire to give us a cut or change color.

Capelli lunghi - Long hair.

How to behave at the hairdresser. Middle hair short.

Capelli ricci - Curly hair.

How to behave at the hairdresser to obtain the desired hair color.

How to behave at the hairdresser. Bob hair cut and color inspirations.

How to behave at the hairdresser. Short hair cut and colors.

Credits: Images found Pinterest and viewable on Hair board.

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