Fashion hair: how to make a perfect half bun

by fashionsnobber

In fashion hair there is a “newhairstyle that goes crazy not only on the streets but also for the big red carpet evenings. A bit like parsley if it comes out, appearing everywhere on the heads of celebrities or not for several months. It is certain that the new perfect half bun does not seem to me. Until now it was only used by anyone in those moments of ordinary madness in which the tufts in front give a great annoyance and at best it was tried to remove them creating this “onion” disheveled in three moves. Or at least, that worked for me. Then someone woke up one morning without any desire to wash their hair or go to the hairdresser and decided to make it trendy and glamorous. Whether to thank you or not I still have to understand.
Easy to make. Perfect for blackberries, blonde, red, smooth and curly. Long, short, medium, many or few hairs can be presented in different ways. But always a subspecies of half chignon remains.

How to realize a perfect half bun

Simple, practical and painless. In 3 steps and less than 1 minute.

  1. Take from the top of the head a lock of hair that can start from the ears or temples according to taste.
  2. Once well separated from the remaining lower crown, which remains loose, tie the hair with an elastic to form a ponytail.
  3. Finally, roll up the tail in any type of half chignon to our liking.

For a perfect half bun I personally recommend making sure you don’t see a clear line. To understand, the color of the neck must not be in plain sight. It is not elegant, so comb your hair well before indulging in the various heights and shapes of our half bun.

The new hairstyle that no one will be able to resist

Moral? This year we will see it everywhere. If on one hand it can be good for the convenience and the little difficulty in achieving it, please do not overdo it with the ruffling of the onion because you would not be well combed but only just awake with little desire to socialize. Therefore, as with any self-respecting trend, we must know how to deal with it and use it with the right precautions and in the appropriate circumstances.
I leave you with some good perfect half bun and I confess, for me it’s a godsend since my crazy curly hair, sometimes blonde, sometimes light brown, is the only pseudo-hairstyle hairstyle they can bear quite worthily.

Chignon hairstyle inspirations.

Perfect Half Bun hairstyle inspirations.

Perfect Half bun hairstyle inspirations.

Long hair hairstyle inspirations.

You like? What do you think about half bun hairstyle?I continue to prefer it perhaps for a well-made street style but certainly not for an important evening. In other situations I make use of the numerous inspirations contained in the posts on trendy hairstyles for all hair lengths or on the 6 types of braids for all tastes.

Credits: Images found on Pinterest and viewable in “Hair” board.

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Miranda @ Flat iron Pro 02.05.2016 - 8:22

Yeah ..really cool hairstyles ..I would love to try half bun :-)

Seyra 02.12.2015 - 13:04

I love this! Especially when it’s messy and wavy!

Also, your blog is lovely!
Let’s follow each other’s blogs and Instagram?

Cheers from the Philippines!
– Seyra
Instagram: @_srico

Tiffany 02.12.2015 - 12:48

I’ve heard of buns but not half-buns! These hairstyles look great :) thanks for sharing!

Ivana 02.12.2015 - 10:27

Cool and stylish hairstyle!

Rue de Tres Chic


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