Handmade leather bags online on Fantini Pelletteria

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Fantini Pelletteria was born in 1981 within the walls of the city of San Marino, in the historic center of the Ancient Republic. A family-run company that over time has also expanded beyond the territory. It is with pleasure that today I want to tell you about it by presenting their fantastic handcrafted leather bags.

Fantini Pelletteria

Leather shopping bag Fantini Pelletteria.

The items for sale are designed, manufactured and packaged entirely in Italy. Land of craftsmanship and tradition. At first the leather is vegetable tanned and cut, then passing through the decoration and finally the seams made entirely by hand. The leather thus treated acquires strength, rigidity, elasticity or softness depending on the processing that is performed. The Made in Italy brand of these products certifies the place of production and the quality of the leathers, while the Fantini brand becomes a symbol of tradition and class.
Among the most sought after and valuable items of this leather goods we obviously find their handcrafted leather bags available online and at their direct stores.
The bag is undoubtedly an inevitable accessory in every woman’s wardrobe that has become part of her daily life. Containing wallet, books, mobile phone, tricks and much more, every female bag is like that of Mary Poppins and when it comes to such an important object, Fantini Pelletteria offers us different types of bags. From the trunk to the shopper, to the briefcase and many others.
Models that can be worn on the shoulder, over the shoulder or by hand according to different needs. Each item is available in different colors. From elegant black, to traditional brown, up to more vibrant colors such as yellow, red, powder or more imaginative prints.

Why buy handmade leather bags online

Leather bags made in Italy.

Fantini Pelletteria, in addition to being famous for the online sale of handcrafted leather bags, is also an expert in the production and sale of both men’s and women’s leather backpacks. All a symbol of quality and tradition of craftsmanship.
A leather bag reflects the personality of the wearer and that is why even in the field of women’s bags they range from the most sporty and casual models to the most refined ones. The quality of the product is obviously guaranteed by the use of the most prestigious and valuable leathers. In addition, each leather handbag is further enriched and embellished with details, such as particular closures in metal or brass, chains and inlays.
By carefully observing the many handcrafted leather bags available online on their website, you immediately realize that they are characterized by a splendid beauty and that they are also very practical. In fact, they have numerous pockets and compartments that allow you to organize all the objects you need in an orderly manner throughout the day.

Leather bags made in Italy for sale online

Handmade leather bags online collection by Fantini Pelletteria.

In their stores or on the Fantini Pelletteria website you can also find various accessories made with specific work environments in mind. Like, for example, their much-loved leather doctor bags. A real must have for all medical professionals.
What can be found at Fantini Pelletteria are handcrafted bags that are unique in their kind and inimitable in their style. From traditional and classic design to the most innovative, original and revolutionary one. From simple lines to more articulated and geometric ones. Soft, semi-rigid or more constructed structures.
There are many possibilities to choose from, but of one thing you can be sure, that is the quality of the raw materials with which these leather bags are made. The excellent Italian leathers used for years are the supporting structure and the symbol of Fantini Pelletteria which is committed to offering its customers bags that still continue to be linked to tradition and to the past, due to their processing, thus becoming a timeless classic, but with a look to the future thanks to the innovative design, thus becoming a high fashion accessory.

Borsa a tracolla by Fantini Pelletteria.

Borse fatte a mano made in Italy.

Borse made in Italy Fantini Pelletteria.

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