Guide to heels: instructions for use

by fashionsnobber

When I think of heels, I first think of a tongue-twister that my grandmother used to tell me in Milanese dialect:”You that you Tachet the tac, oh TACAM the tac me! I Tahath the tac to you that you Tachet the tac? Tachet you the tac too, I Tachet the tac me, you that you Tachet the tac!“(You who heels attacks, attacks me my heels! I attack the heels to you? Attack them you your heels, I I attack my heels, you who attacks the heels!)
I’ve never been able to say it well, but I remember perfectly well that every time I ran into her shoe rack and stole some beautiful heeled 12 sandals and I dreamed of the day I would have mine to show off.

Guide to heels

Technically speaking the heel is that component added to the back of the shoe formed or by a single block of 5 mm thick steel which is then coated, or by separate lifting layers. The part in contact with the earth is instead is calledinstead is called Heeltaps. That tire that is often found in the boxes to understand.
The heels initially had the purpose of improving the balance but, let’s face it, for all of us they are more tied to an aesthetic question like that of increasing stature, giving momentum and visually thinning the leg highlighting the breast and buttocks. Just to make our dear little men turn their heads a little. I don’t say so eh! It was Roger Vivier who introduced stilettos in the 1950s and in their most modern version as we know it today, precisely because of these characteristics. Let’s thank it in chorus, come on!

How, where and when to wear high-heeled shoes

High heels are perfect for the evening. Make them elegant and feminine and if we feel at ease, ergo, we know how to walk well, we can also use them during the day except for the morning. At work it would be better to always opt for a medium heel. Let’s debunk the urban legends, the 5 cm slender equally without destabilizing and making us pass as femme fatale in an environment in which it is not indicated. I imagine it is useless to state how much heels are to be avoided in the mountains and in those situations in which we already know we have to walk a lot. We can’t afford to risk half-way losing our sexy stride by becoming clumsy robots.
The heels should be treated well and if we notice that the overcoat begins to wear out let’s fix it immediately. The noise of the steel that is emitted into the ground as we walk is unbearable, not very fine and not at all classy. It should be avoided exactly like the chipped enamel.
Yes to the strategic change sneakers/heel and vice versa when we go out but, I recommend, it should not be done in public.

How to walk on heels

  1. Spread your legs.
  2. Upright position.
  3. Belly inward.
  4. Chest out.
  5. Never bend your knees and…

Practice, practice, practice. Nothing else. Easy no?
The heels are now of all possible and unimaginable measures and one could very well not do without them anymore. But remember that they are harmful to the spine, so let’s use them and feel slender, leaner and more sexy, but in moderation. Even a sneakers sometimes has its beauty because it’s feminine. Less femme fatale and more teenagers but has a fashion side that is not indifferent and well developed. For example, how to tie in many different ways.
Having said that I leave you some infographics on the subject that can explain you better than me every type of heel and attached shoe model. What is your favorite?

Tutti i modelli di scarpe con i tacchi - All models of shoes with heels.

Tutti i modelli di scarpe moda donna - All models of women's fashion shoes.

 Tutti i modelli di tacchi - All models of heels.

Christian Louboutin heels style guide.

Credits: images found on Pinterest and viewable on “Fashion Dictionary” board.

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agathalizz 23.11.2015 - 13:39

Thanks for sharing these types of heels, dear.

Athena 22.11.2015 - 13:41

I love my heels, and I wear them on most days. However I will wear very high heels (10+ cm) only on a special occasion where there will be minimal walking. For day-to-day wear I opt for heeled booties with a more sturdy heel, no higher than 8cm. Lovely post, very useful and quite different from what we usually see on blogs.



Shaira Manalo 22.11.2015 - 8:19

Oh, I didn’t know there are actually a lot of different heels! Thanks for the information. I’m impressed. :)

Have a nice day!


Alyssa Monique Bustillo 21.11.2015 - 20:12

For me I want to use wedge type heels. Balance is easier
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Lorna 21.11.2015 - 18:38

I always adore the thicker, chunkier heels as they provide more support!

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