The Heritage collection by Sapaf Atelier

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Sapaf Atelier recently presented in Florence along the Arno river just a step away from Ponte Vecchio, one of the Italian magical location, its new stylish The Heritage Collection.
From good official blogger of the brand, yes, let me say and gloat a bit, I certainly could not miss the call and then share with you all these innovations.

Sapaf Atelier and his new collection The Heritage

I have always maintained that in addition to the modern lines and always in step with the times Sapaf Atelier stands out for its attention to detail and refinement of leather and high quality materials. And without even contradict himself in his new Heritage Collection stand out clearly qualities that only a great brand Made in Florence as this can be able to achieve for its clients able to satisfy every taste, style and personality.
A collection of luxury bag to fall in love instantly. Full of color, sophistication and refined elegance as an eternal always teaches us Calistri family for over 60 years. Leitmotif of the collection are the gold details which include the release of the hand-processing mini bag Replica 1954 reworked in a modern way last winter.
Why love Sapaf Atelier?
It has nothing to envy to the most renowned big brand, you just take them in hand, touch them, touch them or wear them to see for themselves how these bags are high, very high quality. impeccable finish that only brand able to give us serious. Talent, professionalism and craft of the Made in Italy is the sunlight, clean and clear that only deserves to be better known and desired by all. We begin to get out of the flock, looking for items that speak of us, of our country and that we all envy in their craftsmanship. We have them behind the house, just simply look better around.

The Heritage Collection, for the woman who learns from the past and look to the future with a smile

The Heritage collection by Sapaf Atelier.

The Heritage collection by Sapaf Atelier.

The Heritage collection by Sapaf Atelier.

The Heritage collection by Sapaf Atelier.

The model Replica 1954 could not miss with its riot of colors and stands out with innovations in solid colors from exotic leathers that make it perhaps more minimal but without losing that elegance innate and inimitable chic touch that characterize it. Then as now.

Evento presentazione The Heritage collection by Sapaf Atelier e le nuove Replica 1954.

But you know what makes me attach and love each time more this brand beyond their undeniable ability to make real our needs in terms of bags?
The smile. Yes, the smile that each of them always has on him as a testimony that when you really love what you do the joy never abandons us, it during difficult periods it years later. The eyes always light up and you know what I say? And ‘contagious and I think that in every business sector should respirarsi this atmosphere. You should smile more and more love what we do because it is the only way that can come out the best. That better than Andrea Calistri shows us in his arms. Born from an idea, from a sketch that has taken shape and texture, the Boston Bag model in black alligator with the inevitable details in gold is a highlight of The Heritage Collection. And when you really love a passion passed down for generations the results can be excellent.

Andrea Calistri e la sua Boston Bag della Heritage collection by Sapaf Atelier.

Waiting to tell you about all the upcoming news of Sapaf Atelier, the Calistri family, his exceptional staff, I and Elizabeth of Se lo dice Coco says we give our smiles certain to have made the best gift to enlighten your day.
We love Sapaf Atelier what are you waiting to fall in love with him and his creations?
Stai tuned! :*

The Heritage collection, Spaf Atelier family e staff.

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Tania Franco 01.06.2016 - 7:19

The purses are gorgeous, I can see why you love them!


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