How to choose the best template for our blog

by fashionsnobber

I had been wanting to redo the blog look for months. Finding the best template that can have everything that is fundamental for me in a WordPress theme has become one of my priorities. However, I didn’t think the search would be so long but in my wandering I would say that I had a broad idea of what is around. And, since every now and then a nice refresh to the blog likes to give it to everyone, I allowed myself to make even a short selection of the best blog themes. Obviously I left out the most used on purpose looking for the newest or least seen goodies. But first let’s find out together how to choose the best template for our blog.

How to choose best template for blog

First, the main credentials I can’t give up are the sticky menu bar. That is, the possibility of keeping it active even when scrolling the page. Because readers, in my opinion, must always have the ability to go back to the home page or to another section of the blog just a click away without going crazy at the beginning or looking for who knows where. As well as the “back to topbutton at the bottom of the footer. Social buttons with attached widgets for each are indispensable. An easily editable slider to customize and the ability to manage the view of the grid items. I’ve had these fixed for a lifetime and I don’t think I’ll change them that easily.

What should not be missing in a perfect template

After years in which I have really seen all the colors, I have come to the conclusion that the essential technical characteristics for choosing the best template in circulation are:

  • Compatibility on all browsers
  • Responsive and flexible layout
  • SEO friendly
  • Ready for translation
  • Custom CSS
  • Presence of sliders
  • Social icon with individual widgets attached
  • Minimum one sidebar or right or left in the individual articles
  • A footer or a final widget area with at least three or four columns
  • Fully customizable colors
  • Header with its own logo
  • Possibility of related posts at the end of each single article

Everything else can be more and welcome to get the best template we want. We must try to stay as clean as possible. Chaos distracts and does not concentrate the reading of our contents. Avoid too many advertising pop-ups like the plague, they are hateful and make visitors run away. Prefer light colors that convey serenity and tranquility. We must put the reader at ease to make him stay longer not to harass him with notions or colors that shake. We give clear, practical and quick answers. He is looking for something, he is not trying to quench our thirst for power, and he wants to feel at home talking to a friend over a coffee. We have chosen to have a blog, an online diary, not a cold and austere newspaper.

Where to find the best template for your blog

In my opinion, the best portal to rely on for the purchase of a good WordPress template is and always remains Envato Market. An infinite variety of themes to choose from and all ultra performing capable of satisfying our every need. Having said that, if you prefer free choices I leave a selection of those that in my opinion could be the best template for your blog to be customized at best. All responsive (i.e. readable on every technological device), with social and layouts rather flexible.


Allure WordPress best template.


Atmag WordPress blog template.


Calmer tema per WordPress.


EnVogue tema per WordPress.


GoodLook blog WordPress best template.


Isabelle migliore tema gratuito per WordPress.


Milja tema gratuito per WordPress.


Olivia WordPress blog template.


Powen tema per WordPress.


SmartBlog migliore tema per WordPress gratuito.

Finally I add Girlie as an extra suggestion because it has a good layout at the base even if some details should be worked on well.


Girlie Worpress blog template.

Obviously I couldn’t help but think of some ideas for those who use the Blogspot platform, better known as Blogger, and are looking for its best free template.

5 best blog templates on Blogspot


Beehive migliore tema gratuito per Blogspot.


Blog Star best theme Blogspot.


Ecstacy blog theme Blogspot.


Feminist theme blog Blogspot.


Vibe theme blog Blogspot.

Ps. Article always updated as I discover some new better template to suggest.

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