Guide to glasses: how to choose the perfect frame

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They are considered to be perhaps the most difficult accessory to choose. Whether you need them opulently, or consider it expressly as that extra fashion detail of our look. The glasses have now become real must-have trends. What is certain is that finding your ideal model is not so simple. Untangling yourself among such a diverse and infinite choice of frames, such as aviator, round (teashades), Browline, Cat-Eye, Wayfarer, oversize, Novelty, and so on and so forth, can be an almost impossible feat. In fact, knowing the characteristics of our face, from the shape to the complexion, finding the perfect model of glasses is not so difficult.

Guide to glasses

How to choose the perfect eyeglass frame.

Essentially speaking the glasses are made up of a frame and two lenses. The specific characteristics of the lenses establish two types:

  • Eyeglasses: Medical ophthalmological supervision of external prostheses with transparent lenses that have the task of correcting visual alterations such as astigmatism and myopia.
  • Sunglasses: Browned lenses that filter the light protecting the eyes from UVA and UVB rays. They can also be by sight.

Eyeglass frames are made of different materials. Among the most modern and fashionable are acetate or nylon fiber, wood and metal.

How to choose the perfect frame

How to find the perfect glasses.

When we need to buy a new frame, it is useful to keep in mind that glasses should not tighten their heads with any kind of pressure. They must rest uniformly on the nose, without slipping, remaining well adherent to the face. The free lens space above the eye should be slightly smaller than the free one below. Subsequently, just like choosing the right hat model, it is essential to know how to find that pair of glasses best suited to our face shape. That type and style capable of improving our image by highlighting the strengths minimizing the defects. Perfect design and color can rejuvenate, lose weight and even make us more beautiful.

In the case of eyeglasses, remember not to neglect the gradation of the lenses. For high myopia and hypermetropia it would be advisable to avoid square or oversized frames. For high astigmatism, on the other hand, rejected round shapes and too enveloping.

How to understand the shape of your face

Let’s face it, letting yourself be influenced by autumn-winter trends is all too easy but they are not good for everyone. In order to really find the perfect eyeglass frame, we need to understand what our face shape is. Well, there is a little quick and easy trick. With the face completely uncovered and with the hair backwards, position yourself in front of a mirror. At this point, trace the contour of the face from the hairline to the chin with a lipstick or a soluble marker. Compare the predominant form we obtained with the following 7 canonical forms by identifying the one that comes closest to ours.

1. Heart shape or inverted triangle

Models of glasses for heart shaped face.

The face in the shape of a heart, or inverted triangle, is characterized by a rather wide forehead going to tighten until it becomes pointed in the area of the cheekbones and chin. The most suitable glasses are those with a wider frame than the forehead, without exaggerating, or with lenses that are somewhat elongated towards the top, able to visually balance the width of the forehead. Go ahead for the Cat-Eye, Wayfarer and butterfly models.

2. Diamond face

Modelli di occhiali per viso forma a diamante.

The diamond-shaped face has a substantially small forehead, very pronounced and protruding cheekbones with elusive jaws. The most suitable model of glasses should soften the profile without being wider than the cheekbones or touch them. Perfect round and oval frames, possibly even square with slightly rounded corners.

3. Oval face

Models of glasses for oval face.

The oval-shaped face is characterized by harmonious and delicate contours. Considered the most versatile and ideally shaped, they give it almost all types of glasses and frames. The only care is to pay attention to the proportions by choosing models with measures and thicknesses suitable for the face.

4. Square face

Modelli di occhiali per viso forma quadrata.

The square-shaped face has the sides of the face that form perpendicular lines with pronounced forehead, jaws and chin. The perfect glasses should be able to lengthen the face by softening the corners. Yes with horizontal, medium-thin rounded frames, oval or teardrop shapes.

5. Rectangular or oblong face

Models of glasses for rectangular face.

The rectangular or oblong face has rather marked features with forehead and chin almost the same width as the cheekbones. The ideal spectacle frame must make the face appear shorter and more harmonious without weighing down its features. Then opt for oval or slightly squared models as long as they have rounded corners, frames that are not too wide but slightly wider than the front.

6. Round face

Modelli occhiali per viso forma rotonda.

The round face is characterized by soft and rounded features. The recommended glasses should have the same width of the face trying to pull out more marked lines. Perfect all the rectangular and square models with thin and discrete frames. The lower part must touch the cheekbones slightly. Absolutely forbidden any excessive roundness that would make the face even rounder.

7. Triangular face

Models of glasses for face triangular shape.

The triangular face is mainly characterized by a small forehead and a pronounced jaw. The most suitable model of glasses is that capable of accentuating the cheekbone area by balancing the proportions of the face. Suggest larger frames than model aviator or butterfly wing cheekbones. Perfect, on the other hand, are all those models with well-defined upper parts and almost imperceptible lower pate or even lenses without rims.

How to choose the color of the glasses

When we have to choose the perfect eyewear in addition to the shape of the face it is good to also consider our complexion. That is the mix of colors that includes hair, eyes and skin.

  • Tendentially pale and olive skin with dark hair, blue, brown or green eyes. Suggested silver or blue frames.
  • Predominantly pale and rosy complexion with ash blond hair, blue, gray or brown eyes. Blue, lavender and pink/fuchsia glasses are recommended.
  • Very light skin tending to peach, often freckled with blond to slightly red hair, blue, gray, green or brown eyes. Suggested beige, light brown, gold and light red frames.
  • Complexion from ivory to peach with the possibility of freckles, red hair, brown or green eyes. Recommended glasses of orange, ivory, gold, brown, red and green.

One last tip? All glasses produced, marketed and sold in Italy must comply with the regulations in force bearing the “CE” mark and those alone also the level of protection from light. This is good to know because constantly buying and using low quality glasses can lead to serious damage to the retina up to temporary blindness. That said, good shopping at all!

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