How Instagram works: all the tricks and best tips

by fashionsnobber

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most successful social networks. With well over 300 million users. Indispensable for those who love to photograph and share their revealing frames in pills of life with the rest of the world. We leave out the profiles that clearly upload photos found on the right and missing by passing them on their own. Personally I love those who tell or want to tell us something through their images. Not necessarily taken in a workmanlike manner but at least true. I like profiles that follow a style. I like those inherent to a single theme or mixed ones but of which you can immediately recognize the hand of the improvised photographer or not. Each of us has its own style also in the photos, why not pass it on? And here you need to understand how Instagram works by knowing tricks and instructions for conscious use.

How Instagram works: instructions for conscious use

Lately the photos on food are depopulated, from breakfasts to snack moments to end with sweets of all kinds. A real massacre for those on a diet, let’s face it.
Then there are the selfies, which could be discussed for hours. The photos on the feet, the photos of our outfits, the photos of our furry friends, the flowers, the travels… In short, photos of all kinds and on every possible and unimaginable theme including some fads of feminine degradation such as the own side b. All traceable thanks to the hashtags made up of that nice little symbol called the pound sign (“#“) that still someone insists on not knowing how to use. In fact, before understanding exactly how Instagram works, let’s start with the hashtags.

How to use hashtags

#Hashtagsarenotsousedtosayathousandthingsinasentence, #and, #no, #neither #so.
First of letters and words such as “&” break it, are not recognized so avoid them. Ditto apostrophes.
They are used to place an image in the case of Instagram or a thought in the case of Twitter and Facebook in a specific theme, have the same result and effect of the tags we use in the articles of our blog. Creating labels so to speak, but you do not need to form sentences haphazardly or three meters long.
For the image of a flower can be used #flower #nature #daisy #instaflower #photooftheday.
You see? It is not a logical sense phrase, words are related to your subject. The first three refer to the contents of the latter, while the fourth leads to Instagram as the subject and the fifth calls your click as the photo of the day.
Then there are the hashtags provided by different smartphone apps. I strongly advise you to download at least one. Giving you the theme of the photo automatically gives you the most popular tags to help you, in addition to having more likes, be able to find new followers. But above all it makes you make an excellent use of these magical little words without fail.

How Instagram works: the tricks

As for how Instagram works by getting more followers, there are no undisclosed secrets or miracles overnight. I’m sorry. Apart from the tools for comments or automatic paid payment or the purchase of fake followers via sites. Remember that it is a social network, you must also interact there. Socialize, put likes without pulling them away and comment. Nobody ever died from a cramp in the thumb after putting too many likes.
Finally, I can advise you to write as much as possible in English. If you have a public profile (private on Instagram, it makes no sense, so you can unsubscribe first) it is more immediate to make yourself understood by the whole world. Last consideration, then I stop being a nerd. Many ask me how to appear among the highlighted photos. Well, know that it is not about having 1234567890 trillion followers, likes or comments to the photo itself, but rather the proportion between them in the few minutes after it was published. I have tested and it’s true.

I will give you a practical example to better understand: if you have 200 followers and of these you will like at least 180 of them plus a few strangers within 5 consecutive minutes the publication will be on the popular page. Mystery revealed. Nothing arcane or impossible for those with real followers.

Really useful web services to improve your engagement

The only web services that I would like to recommend because personally tested and proven by me is a portal where putting likes and comments to registered profiles really has a pre-established return. You can only register via direct link and to be accepted it takes at least 24h. In fact, every request is carefully checked to ensure a real, serious and active network. No password request for your profile and no ban from Instagram.

Instagram’s false myths

Over the years, according to the various changes in the Instagram algorithm, several urban legends were born that must be absolutely dispelled. It is not true that commenting on a profile with a few followers decreases our engagement. It is not true that buying likes and followers is useful, Instagram is realizing it and punishes how it is right. And no, it is not true that if a profile of K and broken followers like our photo counts more than one set by a profile with a few hundred followers. Just as it is not true that if this mega profile follows a smaller one it is penalized. And lastly, we also dispel the absurd myth in which it is claimed that having more followers than following is an advantage.

Having said that I let you browse through some of my Instagram shots hoping you like them. And please, do not believe anyone who invites you to download miraculous PDF guides guaranteeing who knows what elucidation on how Instagram works. In fact, nothing is written other than this. I repeat, it is a social network and as in all social networks, to grow you need to interact. Or be born VIP.

Instagram food flat lay.

Flat lay style pic.

Fashion flat lay pic.

Fashion Snobber Instagram selfie.

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