5 practical tips to make friends the Instagram algorithm

by fashionsnobber

Now it’s a fact, the new Instagram algorithm is penalizing the vast majority of accounts. Although we want to give a damn about it if we want to move forward on this social network we have to make it a friend. Ok that we publish for hobby, passion or fun, but if we are there we want to make sure our photos are seen at least by someone. Here, for those who still did not understand, today we talk about that nice mechanism that decides, based on the interactions obtained in the few minutes after the online mass, the fate of our content just published on Instagram.

How the new Instagram algorithm works

Come funziona l'algoritmo di Instagram - How the Instagram algorithm works.

In a nutshell and without worrying too much, the new Instagram algorithm has become exclusively a matter of timing and interactions. I’ll explain. As soon as we share a photo this will be shown immediately to only 10% of our followers and based on how they react within 30 minutes after the publication the social network will decide whether to show it or not to all others. To make it short, in many of this 10% must dwell as long as possible, put us like and comment on it, otherwise, #ciaone.

The Shadow-Ban of Instagram

Another important issue is to get well in the head that the new Instagram algorithm has declared war to bot*, POD**, followers, comments and likes bought. As soon as nasa we are trying to cheat him, and I assure you he realizes it, he punishes us through the shadow-ban. Without realizing it our contents become invisible in searches by hashtags. Which means a dizzying drop in our engagement. Less visibility, less like, less interaction, less everything. How long? It depends on the severity of the thing and when we will start to behave ethically. Of course, Instagram is smarter and if we rehearse from our profile it will seem to us not to be the victim. To find out, we need to try searching for the hashtags we used with another account and possibly not our followers.

*Bot: Paid web services that automate likes, comments and follow/unfollow play.

**POD: These are the “mute-rescue” groups created on Instagram or on Telegram and WhatsApp where we “self-help” by sharing the last published photo to quickly have likes and comments.

Engagement of Instagram

Many people get confused and associate it with the Instagram algorithm but it does not hit anything at all. The engagement of Instagram is nothing more than a value determined by the relationship between our number of followers and the likes obtained on our photos or videos. It is a fact that basically interests brands or communication agencies to select with whom to collaborate. How do you calculate? Soon said. Take your last 10 photos published starting from the penultimate, add the likes obtained (of course not those bought), divide them by 10 and the number obtained divides it again by the number of your followers (real not bought). Multiply by 100 and you will get a percentage that will indicate your engagement. The ideal rate is quite sectorial because it varies from category to category but if you can get it between 3 and 5% you can not complain. While you are under 2%, do something as soon as possible.

5 practical tips to increase the visibility of content on Instagram

Il magico algoritmo di Instagram - The magical Instagram algorithm.

Now that we have a smattering on how the Instagram algorithm works, it is time to move on to practical advice. Small precautions that can help us to make friends and recover a bit of visibility.

1. Use all the news that the social network makes available

Doing Instagram Stories, following the hashtags of our interest, switching to a business profile are the latest news on which this social network aims a lot. Using them makes him happy and his way of repaying us in visibility makes us happy.

2. Create the most effective and engaging call-to-action possible

Being able to make users interact with us serves to guarantee us some real interaction in more. Ask questions, create polls, ask for advice, anything is good as long as they push an action that reads, watches or listens to an action. We also have the opportunity to establish new relationships, learn more about those who follow us and why not, create beautiful new friendships.

3. Change the hashtags often and insert them only in the caption

Always using the same hashtags seems to be synonymous with bot as a mechanical and repetitive gesture for Instagram. Worth his nice punishment of the shadow-ban. So we must try to change them often while trying not to leave the topic of published content. And I recommend, they should be placed neatly in the caption, not as a first comment because even this dear Instagram does not like it.

4. Comments must be of quality and have at least 4 words

Yes, of 4 words excluding emoticons. According to Instagram, in fact, they become more specific and do not fall into those bot-like behaviors that are waging war. Punishment? The usual shadow-ban. If then we can respond to comments within 60 minutes better still, this makes our new photo or video do not lose visibility.

5. Do not edit the new content before 24 hours

Changing the content just published before 24 hours has passed makes him lose a lot of visibility. The same is true if we publish, delete and republish the same photo, even slightly changed. The indecisions to Instagram do not go down.

In addition to these tips, a trick that instead could be a good practice to keep for some more likes as soon as we publish is to put many like a recent photos readily selected through a hashtag of our interest. The average return, I warn you right away, is not very high, but at least recover something from those snobby followers who do not put a like I miss you by mistake.

How to have the timeline of Instagram in chronological order

As you know, Instagram no longer sorts our timelines in chronological order but going according to relevance and greater number of interactions based on our interests, accounts that we follow more and obviously who invests in sponsorships. This thing has never gone down to me. Many profiles that I love do not publish regularly and basically I had totally disappeared. So for a couple of days, maybe three, I do not remember exactly, I started to open one by one all those profiles that I follow, I like to see, and I put like the last photo published. And, after hearing this, I almost magically returned all in chronological order. Now, it is also true that I have decided to open Instagram at least three times a day compared to every two or three days before and certainly helps, but it’s been a week and it’s still normal. I do not sell it as a law because it is certainly a bullshit but if you have free time and want to try it, maybe it works with you too.

The Instagram algorithm wants to socialize

Istruzioni per l'uso nuovo algoritmo Instagram - Instructions for use new Instagram algorithm.Concluding, from what has been said in this post, we deduce that to make sure our contents are shown and not lost in the ether we should live on Instagram. Capable from the point of view of the app that earns when we are connected, but not feasible for us users, let’s face it. In my opinion, unfortunately, to move the stagnant water is not enough even if we take good pictures because we start with minimal visibility. At this point we try not to forget that Instagram was born as a social network and as such serves and wants people to socialize and interact with each other. It is as if Instagram, in some way, wants to socialize with us through quality, truth and honesty. And tell me, is not it also what we want from our followers and following? Here, then I would say that we are given the answer to everything. :*

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