How to recognize your personal style

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Edited by: Fiorella Annunziata.
As a personal Branding manager, one of my consultancy services is that which analyzes the style intended as a personal communication tool. The care of our look in fact contributes a lot to a correct image and communication of oneself, both in the workplace and in the private sector. Let’s see together what it means and how to find, create and recognize your own personal style best suited to express our personality.

To each their own style: how consultancy helps you recognize yours and improve personal communication

Come riconoscere proprio stile personale.

There is a tendency to believe that it is important to dress according to a certain style criterion, only for those who work in the world of fashion, with social networks or perhaps in public. In reality, each of us can best express personality and moods, regardless of the situation: at work, on the beach, in leisure time or on formal and official occasions.
Having a clear and defined personal style even facilitates relationships both with ourselves and with others because it affects our behaviors and moods.
Analyzing the photos of Luna’s latest outfit, not only is her personal style immediately clear, but also the attitude that derives from it. Luna reveals her preppy mood which, due to its characteristics, in Tuscany many have nicely coined it with a “Milanese snob“.

Luna’s preppy style

Come riconoscere il proprio stile per migliorare la comunicazione personale.

According to image consultancy, the countless fashion styles can be classified into macro-categories as classic, natural, modern, romantic, trendy, humoral and dramatic.
The preppy style is part of the large family of the classic one: always appropriate and up to any situation even without arousing too much attention.
In reality, preppy style is much more: it is a real lifestyle that mixes great classics with sporting elements. The name in fact derives from the “preparatory school“, a famous collegiate environment with tax uniforms.
The must-have items to create a preppy look are definitely Polo shirts, loafers, the use of Navy blue and stripes. Luna then adds a personal touch by inserting a sweater on the shoulders and a red circle that refers to the inside of the bag.
All these details recall a bon ton chic world, made up of compound movements, handbags and refined hairstyles.
From the point of view of fashion psychology, those who have this type of personal style have a self-confident personality and do not need to be the center of attention. The feeling is that of a responsible and practical person who weighs his purchases on the basis of quality and not just the trends of the moment.
I find it a truly appropriate style for Luna who handles it with extreme confidence. The message is precisely to look at a woman who knows fashion and knows how to express her sense of “beautiful and elitist“.

Personal style preppy outfit.

Preppy outfit.

Personal style: preppy outfit.

Preppy personal style look.

How to make a personal style and communication consultancy

If, on the other hand, you have somewhat confused ideas about how much you want to communicate with your outfits, you can resort to style consultancy.
Let’s start by trying to identify the style as:

  • Personal interpretation of fashion
  • Revelation of one’s identity
  • Influence of environment, climate and culture
  • Definition of a status

I would also add that having style does not necessarily mean having to follow every trend. Indeed, someone said:

Fashion passes style remains.
(Coco Chanel)

In fact, through style and personal communication consultancy, every type of need is analyzed starting from:

  • your personal tastes
  • an analysis of the figure
  • the cultural and climatic environment in which we live
  • needs
  • personal and professional goals

Sometimes the goals that you have, may not reflect personal tastes and it is there that good advice is able to make a difference by solving any problems. If you are interested in a consultation to find out your personal style, write or visit my blog that talks about fashion as a personal communication tool both in private and professional settings.

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