How to apply the nail polish in the right way

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Did you know that nail polish is the best selling cosmetic product in the world? And among all its infinite shades, reds and pinks excel? I honestly don’t, I had no idea but I would say that I can confirm it by looking at my personal “collection”.
The most popular nail polishes are those of Chanel, Dior, Essie, OPI, Pupa and Deborah Milano, or so it seems. Having said that let’s find out together how to apply nail polish correctly and how to perform a perfect manicure by yourself.

10 basic steps to perform a perfect manicure and apply the nail polish correctly

Come fare manicure perfetta in casa da sole.

Applying nail polish is an art exactly like performing a perfect manicure. However, following these 10 practical steps can become child’s play. Let’s find out how.

  1. Cut and file the nails. Depending on your personal taste, shape the shape of your nails with special scissors and files.
  2. Remove the excess part of the cuticles. With your nails clean and dry, push the cuticles back with the help of an orange wood stick and specific products.
  3. Apply a nail base. Depending on our needs, apply a layer of reinforcing, hardening, growth, or bleaching base, waiting for it to dry thoroughly before continuing.
  4. Apply the first coat of nail polish. By discharging excess color well from the brush and applying a thin layer, it dries earlier and spreads more evenly.
  5. Wait for the polish to dry before the second coat. We always recommend a minimum of two, three depending on the colors.
  6. Proceed with the second coat of nail polish always without exceeding the quantity to be spread.
  7. Clean up burrs. In case of errors, use a pen to correct nail polish or a cotton swab wet in acetone.
  8. Wait for the second coat to dry completely.
  9. Use a top coat. To protect, help and maintain the enamel, color rendering and make it last longer.
  10. Switch to a moisturizing hand cream. For a truly perfect manicure you have to pamper your whole hand.

How to put nail polish in the right way

Come applicare lo smalto per unghie nel modo giusto.

The right way to spread the polish on the nails is to start from the center of the nail, taking care to leave at least 1 or 2 mm away from the cuticle. Then proceed with the side parts remaining, also in this case, away from the margins at least 1 or 2 mm. This helps make the nail look tapered and longer. Do not panic, it seems more difficult to say than to do, for this reason you will find an infographic below to better understand all the steps. Finally, a little more advice is to put on the top coat whenever we feel the need to restore the shine of the nail polish even in the following days.

Infographic: how to apply the nail polish.

A woman can only be vulnerable in the 10 minutes she does the manicure

The enamels are divided into different types. Bases, transparent, colored, mat, pearlescent, metallic, glittery, shimmer, frost, semi-permanent … But regardless of which we use more, there are some things, it is not known for what reason, that we only happen during those 10 minutes in which we are vulnerable. That is, as and as soon as we finish applying the nail polish.

  • We stretch our left hand impeccably, without smudging, homogeneous color and decisive stroke. The right hand, on the other hand, will all be a flicker and smudge almost everywhere. Vice versa for left-handed people.
  • We apply the nail polish before going to sleep thinking that the morning will be perfect, uncut and worthy of a manicure by a beauty center. Too bad that on waking up we will have the fingerprints of blankets and pillows printed not only on our sleeping face but also on the colored nails.
  • We put on the nail polish just before going out and while putting on our shoes with movements worthy of a surgeon at the end at least one finger will have been scratched and / or chipped.
  • Although on the package there is written in large letters “dry in two minutes” and for at least 5 we move like zombies blowing on it the inevitable will happen. Something compelling will make us use our fingers and blow off a hint of color.

My fixation is Chanel nail polishes. They are not infallible, they are not perfect, they get worn out like everyone else and I noticed their spreadability also changes according to the color. Nonetheless, to my taste, the light and the rendering of their colors remains unique and inimitable. But apart from that, long live the nail polishes and whoever has more, more of them!

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