5 tips on how to choose the best children’s fashion shoes

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I realized that despite being a mother in the blog, I definitely gave little importance to the children’s fashion category. Yet even clothing for the little ones has its beautiful place in my life. For this reason, today I thought about changing the subject a bit and telling the style of Spruzzetto di Sole (nickname I gave to my son) and how to choose the best children’s fashion shoes.

My son’s ideas on children’s fashion

From an early age, Spruzzetto di Sole has always had clear ideas in terms of children’s fashion. Aside from the items inherent to his favorite superheroes like Batman, Spiderman and Ninja Turtles when he has to dress a little more “stylish”, let’s say so, he has no doubts. Focus on classic style shirts, polo shirts and trousers, perhaps colored or patterned. He particularly loves bow ties and not being an accessory used in the family I deduce that it is his innate personal taste. In the end, it is enough for me to simply try to guide him in the choice of quality clothing.
Given this, however, Spruzzetto di Sole has a small problem inherited from his father. Flat feet. So when it comes to children’s fashion shoes, the question becomes a bit more complicated. Many models, for example, when excessively orthopedic rather than too rigid, cause discomfort to the sole of the foot. Thus arises the need to explain them well how to choose good shoes.

5 tips on how to choose the right shoes with our children

5 tips on how to choose the best children's fashion shoes.

Although we are still shopping together, I am teaching my son the 5 fundamental points that help him choose the right shoe even when he is shopping alone.

  1. Excellent value for money. Paying attention to a good balance between quality and price is important. Our children’s feet grow fast and at least they need two pairs of shoes per season. Getting into debt to keep up with their growth is certainly not a good solution.
  2. Comfort and the right number. Children never stand still. They run, jump, play. The shoes they wear shouldn’t stop them from doing all this in total comfort. They must be able to be worn all day without problems and must be the correct number. Neither too big nor too small. That at least from the tip of the shoe to the beginning of the thumb of the foot there is a bit of vacuum.
  3. Quality materials. The workmanship and the materials used must not be of good but excellent quality. This applies to children’s fashion shoes as well as to any other item of clothing or accessory that we decide to use for our children.
  4. Resistance. Children have the ability to disintegrate everything, it is a fact. So it is very important that the shoes they wear are ultra-resistant and durable, capable of not abandoning them right in the middle of their most beautiful game.
  5. Non-slip sole. Not everyone pays attention to this characteristic, finding themselves picking up children who have slipped to the ground every three by two. Young children do not yet have a balance that prevents them from sliding caused by multiple factors. For this reason, I believe that the choice of children’s fashion shoes with non-slip soles should not be underestimated. It is a little extra help for their stability.

Where to find best children’s fashion shoes

Best children's fashion shoes.

My son’s favorite models for children’s fashion shoes for now are sneakers and moccasins. In this I believe he took from his mother.
Pisamonas is an excellent online store shoes for children that we discovered some time ago. It is equipped with many models with original Spanish lines and cuts. Classic, but at the same time current as he and I like them. In particular, Spruzzetto di Sole fell in love with the Pisamonas boat moccasin. All models made respecting the 5 points above on which I rely in choosing one brand rather than another. And last but not least, in addition to being comfortable and safe, they have the right elegant and timeless style that I cannot give up.
Here are some Pisamonas models selected directly by my son.
Having said that, I just have to wish us a good online shopping with our children.

Children's Shoes Pisamonas moccasins.

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