How to choose the perfect curvy lingerie for us

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Every woman looking for a new set of underwear knows perfectly well that every single item must support and enhance without concealing their sensuality. Same thing if we have a generous silhouette. In this case, we prefer to focus on a curvy lingerie capable of enhancing our shapes but also of hiding those small flaws that maybe we don’t like to highlight. Returning happily to the category of curvy women today we will discover together how to choose the perfect plus size underwear for our roundness.

How to choose the most suitable curvy lingerie for us

Dove acquistare migliore lingerie curvy.

First we need to know exactly our measurements. A curvy woman usually starts from size 46 with measures of circumference type bust 96 cm, waist 78 and hips 103. For subsequent sizes just add about 5 cm more to these measures. Having ascertained this, measuring ourselves well with a tape measure, we should never buy an article of women’s underwear smaller than our size. The first step to correctly choose this type of garment is in fact to make sure you always wear the right sizes. Curvy lingerie must dress like a glove without tightening and leaving marks. It should be able to make us forget that we are wearing it.

How to hide the excess kilos

Where to find best lingerie online.

Choosing a good curvy underwear, as well as making us feel more beautiful, can also help us hide the extra kilos.
Who has a little belly should remember to cover and not tighten by choosing soft models that streamline but do not force making us look like salamini not spicy at all.
Those who have a nice back, instead, could opt for high-waisted panties capable of highlighting the side and waist giving harmony to the whole silhouette. Alternatively, dare with the culottes that softly enhance the shapes.
To divert attention from the thighs, it is sufficient to catalyze attention by enhancing another point on the body.
Otherwise, any type of petticoat and dressing gown is fine because each model caresses the body by cunningly covering what we don’t want to highlight.
Finally, to avoid those annoying and unsightly rolls that sprout from all sides, an interesting trick is to wear one or two larger curvy lingerie sets.

How to choose the most suitable color of underwear

How to choose perfect curvy lingerie.

Leaving aside the black color, always in fashion and suitable for each of us, based on our complexion we should consider some colors of curvy lingerie rather than others.
Those with fair skin can opt for blue, burgundy, dark green, violet and light patterns on a dark background. To avoid white and all those light colors that can pale us even more.
Instead, for those with dark or olive skin the light colors enhance, therefore very well blue, white and pink.
The flesh color, it must be said, is anything but seductive and should be used only and exclusively when wearing transparent clothes in which underwear must never be seen or glimpsed.

Where to find quality curvy lingerie

Sottoveste in pizzo.

Curvy underwear is not necessarily wide straps, containing garments and abundant cups. It is not to give up wearing something provocative for a romantic evening or a gallant date. Let’s free ourselves from the criticisms and prejudices that want us perfect only with model measures. We can and must fulfill the desire to wear sexy curvy lingerie expressing our femininity to the fullest.
And this is precisely the philosophy of La Mutanderia, the online lingerie shop that I prefer and that I always rely on. Delivery in 24h and free returns with 30 days to decide whether to keep the product or not. Each item is created with quality fabrics capable of supporting, enhancing and designing our shapes thanks to the excellent fit and timeless elegance.
Making sure to buy the best plus size underwear on the market is essential for every curvy woman. Don’t forget it, love yourself and never be ashamed of your size.

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