How to choose the most suitable swimsuit for us

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Probably this weekend we intend to leave and relax in some spa or by the sea, but we have just realized that we have not yet found the perfect swimsuit for this summer. Don’t panic, today we will discover together how to choose the ideal one for us based on the shape of our body. Whether we have a few extra kilos or we are in the right weight, the goal is to make us feel beautiful and comfortable at all times.

How to choose the swimsuit according to the body shape

Come scegliere il costume da bagno in base alla forma del nostro corpo - How to choose the swimsuit following the shapes of our body.

The body shapes are divided mainly into five macro-categories. Hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle and oval. When buying a swimsuit you should not only look at the colors or the price, but which silhouette will favor our body type. If, for example, we are attracted by a spectacular model of Calvin Klein bikini spotted on the Stileo site, perhaps it is not really the most suitable to bring out our physiognomy. It doesn’t matter if we have size S or XL, but the proportion of shoulders and hips. The inverted triangle body has a wider back than the sides, while the hourglass shape has an equal proportion between shoulders and hips. To identify what kind of shape we have, let’s face a mirror and look at the proportion between back and hip. This method can be used not only for swimwear, but for clothes in general.

Hourglass body shape

Hourglass women's swimsuit.

The hourglass body is the most balanced and proportionate of all. It has a good balance between bust and hip as well as having a well-defined life. This type of silhouette is suitable for any type of full bathing suit, bikini (low or high waist) or trikini.

Triangle body shape

Costume da bagno donna a triangolo.

A triangle-shaped body must seek balance in clothing. Bikinis are recommended for those who have this type of appearance. Suggested to highlight the figure with pieces of different colors and take advantage of the dark shades in the lower part focusing on the upper one. Do not use light and metallic colors because they create an illusion of volume that we do not want to emphasize.

Inverted triangle body shape

Swimsuit for woman in inverted triangle shape.

To mask the lack of balance, the choice must fall on swimsuits that give volume to the hips. Therefore prefer two-piece costumes. One-shoulder top with deep neckline, lower part with frills or ruffles that create a balance between shoulder and hip.

Rectangle body shape

Costume da bagno per donna a rettangolo.

Choose swimsuits with straps behind the neck or crossed at the front with pleats, light colors and patterns. Having a body naturally with a few curves a pareo will help to accentuate the hips and make the silhouette appear less square.

Oval body shape

Swimsuit for women oval shape.

The curves of this type of physiognomy are less pronounced than those of the hourglass figure. Take your attention away from your stomach and concentrate on décolleté and legs. Full-length swimsuits with transparencies, side cuts or high-waisted bikinis are ideal.

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