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Hat, beanie or cap. Clothing accessory for the head to be used as a shelter from rain, sun and cold. Or simply to hide an untidy hair. Someone also to have an extra aura of mystery around themselves or to hide and shelter from the rest of the world. Personally, I love all the existing lines. From baseball to borsalino, from bowler hat to cowboy, from panama to fedora, from cloche to basque and even from the most sought-after cap to simple visor. There are none but scorn but I have a particular craze for ear insertions. If I see a hat with two bumps that resemble animal ears I can’t resist, it must be mine.

Hats and etiquette

In the fifties the hat was a sign of a cured person. As well as wearing gloves and for men also the tie. Since the Sixties it has become a real trend and fashion accessory capable of revolutionizing an entire look. Composed of a visor also called brim and a dome or crown. By now he knows no limits of measurements, shapes, lines, colors and fabrics.
In education and etiquette, hats have few but indispensable rules that should not be forgotten or underestimated. Never wear them indoors, let alone at the table unless they are formal occasions such as special ceremonies. They are taken off when you enter the shops, go to the cinema, to the restaurant, to have a coffee in a bar, someone’s home and so on. In essence, they must always be removed, it is the basis of education.
For men, the same rules apply with the addition of making a sign to take it off when you greet a woman outdoors.

You can walk tall with the right hat

Not all models are good for everyone, this is true, but the perfect one exists. It is enough to know well what size of hat we have, what is the shape of our face and if we want to be really impeccable also take into account the color of our hair. Let’s go with order and step by step we discover together how to find the perfect hat for us.

How to find out the right size of cap

To find out what the right size of hat is for our head we need to measure the circumference of the skull by standing about 1cm above the ears. Usually the sizes of the hats are shown in cm so it will be enough to memorize the figure obtained and les jeux sont faits.

How to determine your own face shape

With a tape measure, take the following measurements in front of a mirror and write them down on a sheet:

  • Width of the forehead measuring from just above the curve of one eyebrow to that of the other.
  • Width of the face by measuring the distance from the most prominent point of one cheekbone to the other.
  • Length of the face by measuring along the hairline from the highest point of the forehead to the tip of the chin.
  • Length of the chin line by measuring the distance between the angle of the jaw and the tip of the chin, doubling the number obtained.

At this point, based on the data obtained, we only need to find the shape of the face that most closely resembles the one shown below, storing the tips on the most suitable models of hat for us.

Heart shape

Heart shape face.

A heart-shaped face has a broad forehead with a pointed, narrow chin with a hairline that can remind a heart. The most suitable hat should hide the forehead minimizing it without tightening it too much. Perfect models with a narrow or medium brim like panama, fedora, cowboy and rigid cloche. Banned all types of headgear without shape, with soft lines and a wide brim.

Diamond shape

Diamond shape face.

A diamond-shaped face has a considerably larger face than the chin and forehead lines. The ideal hat should try to add volume to the top of the head and be wider than the cheekbones. Yes to any model worn asymmetrically, yes to bulky models, cylinders, tubes, hats and the like.

Oblong or rectangular shape

Viso oblungo o rettangolare.

A rectangular or oblong face generally measures the length visually greater than the width with the line of the chin and forehead almost equal. They have square and well-defined jaws. The appropriate hat should reduce the length of the face to soften the corners by covering the forehead very much. Perfect the classic wool (beanie) caps worn with a voluminous lapel and all the hats with a wide brim.

Oval shape

Viso forma ovale.

An oval-shaped face usually has the length measure which is more than half the width with the forehead in profile almost on the same line as the chin. Having regular and harmonious proportions it is considered without a shadow of a doubt the ideal face to wear almost all models of hats and glasses. I say almost because trying to find perfection, it is good to try not to stretch the face too much with excessively pointed hats upwards.

Square shape

Face square shape.

A square-shaped face roughly measures the length equal to the distance between the two cheekbones with the width of the forehead equal to the line of the jaw, often very evident. The perfect hat should lengthen the face a little while softening its strong and determined features. Yes to models of headgear with the shape of the rounded shell like the bowler hat, the beret, the cloche, the baseball hat, and the wool caps with long ear flaps. Avoid squared models like the plague and always remember not to cover your forehead too much.

Round shape

Viso rotondo.

A round face has more or less measures of equal length and width with soft and rounded features. The ideal hat should definitely add verticality to the face by stretching it to make it thinner. Yes to bulky and squared models but without completely covering the forehead or wearing them giving it an asymmetrical bias cut. Fedora, lobbia, those from cowboy and borsalino are fine. The wool caps (beanies) only with central pompom and better to forget them forever when they are too tight. Finally pay attention to the presence of the band on the crown, avoid a contrasting color (creates a horizontal line that accentuates the width of the face) opting for a ton on the ton.

Triangle shape

Viso triangolare.

A face with a triangular shape has a narrow forehead going up to the jaws with a broad chin line. The right hat should visually enlarge the forehead by diverting attention from the jaw, cheekbones and ample chin. The lobbia, the bowler hat, the baker boy and the fedora are fine as are all those models of hats with straight or raised brim making them always wider than the width of the chin.

How to choose the right hat based on hair color

The shape of the face is certainly the first thing to consider when choosing the perfect hat, but also the color of the hair can have a positive or negative influence. The following are the most suitable hat colors based on the nuances of our hair.

  • Blond: beige, blue, light blue, gray, brown, peach, pink, red and light green.
  • Light blond and ash blond: all light grays and tending to blue plus pistachio green.
  • Brown: all shades of blue, dark brown and black.
  • Black: white, blue, burgundy, black, red and purple.
  • Red: yellow, brown, gold, plum and green.

Latest advice? Try a hat with uncombed hair. If it looks good, let alone when they are in shape. Now tell me, what hat are you?

All hat models.

Tuba hat outfit.

Beanie hat pom pom outfit.

Panama hat outfit.

Cappello orecchie gatto.

Outfit invernale berretto e guanti cuori.


Panama hat outfit.

Cappello con pom pom.

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